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5 Ways Breast Augmentation Can Change Your Life

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Breast augmentation can change more than just your bra size. It not only impacts how you look, but how you feel as well. Many women find that breast augmentation can change the way they feel and carry themselves on a day-to-day basis. Here’s five ways your breast augmentation might change your life.

1. Boost Your Self Confidence

Improving the overall look and feel of your breasts may help to promote a more positive body image and body confidence overall.

Rather than avoiding shopping for blouses, swim suit tops and bras, many women have a renewed sense of excitement and find themselves looking forward to buying new clothes and showing off their new look. An increased level of self-confidence can carry over to all aspects of life, including both work and personal life.

2. Improve Your Self Awareness

Caring for your breasts after your breast augmentation may improve your sense of overall body awareness. This is an added benefit you may experience after your breast augmentation.

By enhancing your overall body awareness, you may find yourself developing a deeper sense of appreciation for your body as a whole.

3. Feel More like Yourself

After pregnancy and childbirth, many women are concerned about their breasts no longer looking like they did before pregnancy. By helping to restore their previous shape and youthfulness, it’s common for women to report that they feel more like themselves again, or that they finally have their body back.

This can be an incredible sense of relief for some, who were especially impacted by the effects of pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss or aging.

4. Increase Your Intimacy

After breast augmentation, you may find more enjoyment surrounding your intimacy and renewed sense of freedom.

Small, deflated or asymmetrical breasts can cause self-consciousness for some women. If you were previously held back by a feeling of embarrassment about your breasts, you may find that your comfort level during intimacy improves after your breast augmentation surgery.

Whether your reason for planning your breast augmentation is to finally have the breasts you want, or if you’re trying to return to how your breasts used to look, your board certified cosmetic surgeon can help you with your goals. You may likely find that breast augmentation changes your life in more ways than just one and for the better.

5. Get More in Touch with Your Femininity

Many women notice that by reducing any self-consciousness they had about their breasts, they find themselves getting more in touch with their feminine side.

Wanting to show off your new silhouette can be an opportunity to let your femininity shine and feel more radiant overall. Be sure to discuss your aesthetic goals with your board-certified cosmetic surgeon and consider all of the factors that are important to you feeling confident about your breasts.


5 Ways Breast Augmentation Can Change Your Life
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5 Ways Breast Augmentation Can Change Your Life
Can breast augmentation really change your life? Tampa board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano provides some insight into the matter.
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