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5 Surgical Procedures Designed to Improve Your Vaginal Area

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The way your intimate areas look is largely determined by genetics but can also be affected by hormones, weight fluctuations, childbirth and aging. Having cosmetic gynecology can carry physical, functional and emotional benefits. Vaginal rejuvenation and cosmetic gynecology have grown in popularity as more women become aware of the options that are available to them.

If you have aesthetic or functional issues with any part of your vaginal anatomy, there are 5 common procedures designed specifically to address your concerns.

  1. Clitoral Hood Reduction

    The clitoral hood is a fold of skin that serves to protect the sensitive clitoris. The exact size and shape of this bit of tissue varies from woman to woman. A large clitoral hood can create cosmetic and functional issues. For some women, it can even diminish sexual sensitivity. A clitoral hood reduction is a delicate procedure, during which the hood is carefully trimmed to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and to improve the ability to enjoy sexual stimulation.

  2. Mons Pubis Liposuction

    The mons pubis sits just above the labia. This mound of tissue can be a small, delicate curve or it can be a large, fleshy mound (or anything in between). As with the rest of your vaginal anatomy, there is no certain way your mons pubis should look. That said, some women with larger mons pubis areas are unhappy with the appearance. When you have mons pubis liposuction, a plastic surgeon sculpts and reduces this area for a smoother, more feminine effect.

  3. Labia Majora Reduction

    The labia majora are the outer vaginal lips. While there is no “normal” when it comes to the size and dimensions of the labia majora, large or asymmetrical vaginal lips can present a variety of issues for a woman. Labia size can cause feelings of self-consciousness when wearing certain clothing, and even in intimate situations. During the procedure, a plastic surgeon tailors the labia majora for a more pleasing aesthetic and improved functionality.

    Cosmetic gynecology should be tailored to fit your anatomy and aesthetic goals.

  4. Labia Minora Reduction

    The inner folds of the vagina, or labia minora, also vary widely in shape and size. When labia minora protrude from the labia majora, it can be uncomfortable and even painful for a woman. The tissues of the labia minora can become pinched when attempting certain activities such as biking or horseback riding. Enlarged labia minora can even cause pain during sex. During labia minora reduction surgery, a plastic surgeon carefully trims and reshapes the labia minora for a more delicate appearance and to correct sexual and functional issues.

  5. Trim-V Labiaplasty

    The Trim-V labiaplasty was developed by Dr. Jennifer Harrington at her Minneapolis practice. As one of the best female plastic surgeons specializing in women’s cosmetic procedures, Dr. Harrington saw a need to refine the techniques used for labiaplasty. In many cases, reducing the labia minora without reducing the clitoral hood does not create the best possible results. By combining these two procedures and using a curvilinear incision to trim the labia, a more symmetrical and delicate look can be achieved.

    Each of these procedures must be done with precision and care by someone who has the skill and aesthetic awareness to treat a woman’s most intimate areas. Many women feel more comfortable picking a female plastic surgeon who can offer both experience and insight. Having a good relationship with your plastic surgeon lends itself to better surgical outcomes, since you’re more likely to have your concerns and goals clearly understood.

5 Surgical Procedures Designed to Improve Your Vaginal Area
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5 Surgical Procedures Designed to Improve Your Vaginal Area
Looking for the best female plastic surgeon? Dr. Jennifer Harrington of Minneapolis talks about 5 procedures to improve your most intimate areas.
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