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Tummy Tuck

5 Questions Everyone Wants to Ask about a Tummy Tuck

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Admit it. Everyone’s been curious about tummy tucks at some point. Whether you’re just generally inquisitive or seriously considering a tummy tuck to help you reach your goals, at some point, you’ve questioned what tummy tucks are all about.

Thankfully, there are a few tummy tuck FAQs that are easy to answer. Here are some of the most common, out of the ordinary tummy tuck frequently asked questions, answered.

1. What’s the Deal with Drains?

The first tummy tuck FAQ deals with drains. Many surgeons choose to use drains in their tummy tuck surgeries, but some prefer not to. This can often lead to confusion about the necessity of drains, how they work and when they’re used. Drains are placed under the skin or fat flap during a tummy tuck to assist with drainage during recovery.

A drainless tummy tuck doesn’t utilize this method of drainage. Rather, a drainless tummy tuck uses a system of sutures that makes drains obsolete. This method can help to better sculpt abdominal contours and makes recovery easier.

2. Will I Need a Marble?

FAQ No. 2 might seem a little odd at first, but the marble myth is pervasive in tummy tucks. The story goes that you need to insert a marble into your belly button after surgery to form a perfectly round belly button. The idea is that the marble will help deepen your new navel and stretch it out to create a perfectly natural shape.

For starters, no one has a perfectly round belly button, so even if the old marble trick did work, it wouldn’t produce a great result. Second, the shape of your new belly button is entirely determined by your surgery and healing process. Your belly button may not look quite right at first, but after a few months of healing, when the swelling goes down, you should end up with a natural looking navel.

3. Will I End Up with Dog Ears?

No, your tummy tuck won’t land you with the ears of a basset hound. But that’s not exactly what this tummy tuck FAQ is all about. In a tummy tuck, “dog ears” can happen when the skin beyond the scar is looser than the scar itself. This can cause the skin to sort of droop over like a dog ear.

Dog ears are not unheard of, but they are simple to correct if they do happen.

While most tummy tuck recipients don’t experience dog ears, those that do are not doomed to live with them for the rest of their lives. Each tummy tuck scar is unique, but in the case that you’re dissatisfied with yours after you’ve completely healed from your procedure, you can ask your surgeon about methods to correct it.

4. Can I Mimic a Tummy Tuck at Home?

On the list of tummy tuck FAQs with obvious answers is: can I mimic the results of a tummy tuck at home? A tummy tuck, first and foremost, is not a weight loss procedure. If you’re interested in reducing your weight, you absolutely can achieve that at home through healthy diet and exercise. A tummy tuck is a body contouring surgery, which is impossible to recreate at home through thousands of sit-ups or any number of gimmicky home machines. The only thing that will achieve the results of a tummy tuck is a tummy tuck. To know what results you can reasonably expect, schedule a consultation with a qualified surgeon.

5. How Soon Can I Wear a Bikini?

After your tummy tuck, you’re going to be ready to get out there and show off your newly contoured body. But how soon is too soon to start strutting your stuff in a summer bikini? The final tummy tuck FAQ tackles how soon you can expect to see results from your surgery.

While everyone’s tummy tuck recovery is a little bit different, you can expect to see your final results in 6 months or more. This means if you’re planning a beach vacation, you’re going to want to schedule your tummy tuck 6 months or more out before you break out the bikini.

After 6 months, your swelling should have significantly subsided and you can begin to see your new figure. Be sure to follow all post-operative instructions for care and keep all of your appointments.

Put your tummy tuck curiosity to rest with these 5 tummy tuck FAQs.


5 Questions Everyone Wants to Ask about a Tummy Tuck
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5 Questions Everyone Wants to Ask about a Tummy Tuck
Dr. Alexander Nein of Nashville, TN tackles your top 5 tummy tuck FAQs, answering everything from dog ears to the marbles and when you can wear your bikini.
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