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5 Post-Summer Medical Spa Treatments to Help Your Skin Recover

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The summer sun can feel fantastic—that warm breeze combined with a cool drink really makes life feel just about perfect. Once September rolls around and you’re done soaking up the sun’s rays, though, the reality of the damage you could have potentially done to your skin can set in.

The sun can cause all sorts of skin damage – visible and invisible – if you’re not careful. Sunburns, age spots and fine lines are the tip of the iceberg for sun-damaged skin. While sunscreen and limited exposure are your first lines of defense, if you feel like your skin could use some help recovering after the summer sun, these five med spa treatments could be right for you.

Skin Care Products

One great way to help your skin rebound after a season of summer sun exposure is with high-quality skin care products. By consulting with a professional to use medical-grade skin care products, you’re setting yourself up with a great opportunity to heal sun-damaged skin. Your consultation can help you decide which products are right for you and your personal goals so you can develop a regimen to help tackle your concerns and keep your skin in good health.


If you’re looking for a med spa treatment for sun-damaged skin, microneedling could be a great solution for you. During the procedure, series of small needles are used to create tiny, invisible perforations in the skin’s surface. The intention is to stimulate your skin’s natural healing ability, not only healing the microscopic holes, but the rest of the skin as well. These little perforations could also make it easier for your skin care products to be absorbed.

Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing is a unique take on traditional microdermabrasion and another med spa option to help treat sun-damaged skin. Skin that’s been affected by the sun can benefit from exfoliation, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Sloughing off the skin’s topmost layer of dead cells can help skin to feel softer and look more even. Skin resurfacing with the DermaSweep™ MD wand uses a gentle vacuum and textured tips to help remove the top layer of skin.

The sun can cause damage outside of fine lines and age spots, like atypical spots or moles, which can be an indicator that it’s time to visit your doctor.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels don’t have to be intimidating. In fact, they can be a wonderful way to revamp sun-damaged skin. If your skin is in need of a smoother, softer, more even appearance, consider trying a chemical peel. During your consultation, you and your aesthetician will be able to decide the strength of your peel and what results are achievable in helping you meet your goals. Peels can be a great post-summer med spa treatment.

Spider Vein Removal

Your face isn’t the only part of your body exposed the sun’s damaging UV rays – especially if you’ve spent your summer poolside and bikini-clad. Sun exposure has actually been known to make spider veins appear more prominent and even show up on your nose and cheeks, especially if you’re fair-skinned. If after all that summer sun you’re feeling self-conscious about your visible veins, spider vein removal might be just the treatment you need for sun-damaged skin.


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