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5 Popular Myths about Chin Implants (Mentoplasty)

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If you’re concerned about the way your face looks, then you probably worry about specific parts of your face. For example, a lot of people worry about the shape of their nose or obvious signs of aging like wrinkling. And when they consider plastic surgery, this is what they focus on. Very few people ever think about getting chin implant surgery, but this type of surgery can radically improve the look and the shape of your face. If you’ve ever wanted a stronger or more refined look to your face and chin, then chin implants could be the way to go. In fact, this type of surgery is one of the most popular in the world at the moment. Unfortunately, that means that there are a lot of myths about this type of surgery that need to be cleared up.

Myth #1 Chin Implants Are Dangerous

This is the most common myth. When you get chin implants, your surgeon will implant synthetic material into your face beneath the skin. This will improve the look of your face and make your chin stronger or more refined. However, some people believe that the material used for implants is hazardous, particularly in the long term. But this is completely untrue. Modern implants are made from biocompatible materials that have been extensively tested and are completely safe. They should last a lifetime without causing any ill effects. So talk to your surgeon about the chin implant materials that are right for you.

Myth #2 the Surgery Itself Is Risky

There is always a small risk with any type of surgery, however getting chin implants is no more danger than other surgeries. Surgical techniques are constantly being upgraded and updated, and they’re getting safer every day. So as long as you choose a reputable plastic surgeon, there’s nothing to worry about.

Myth #3 the Recovery Process Is Slow

Chin implant surgery actually has a very short recovery period, shorter than most other types of cosmetic surgery. Most patients experience only mild discomfort and swelling that lasts around 3-4 days after getting chin implants. Your ability to chew properly will be limited for the first couple of days as well, so make sure you eat soft foods and take pain medication when you need it. However, after the first couple of days, most of the discomfort should be gone and you can go about your life as normal.

This short recovery time is due to the face that chin implant surgery is so quick and simple. During it, your doctor will make a small incision inside your mouth or under the skin. The implant is then inserted into the gap, attached to the bone, and the incision is closed up. Most of the time, the surgery takes between 1 and 3 hours.

Myth #4 Chin Implants Look Unnatural

Any type of cosmetic surgery can look unnatural if that’s what the patients wants, or if the surgeon isn’t sufficiently skilled and doesn’t perform the surgery correctly. But this doesn’t have to be the case. When you get chin implants, you probably want them to look natural, as if you haven’t had surgery at all. And your surgeon will work with you to make sure that happens.

Before your surgery, your surgeon will give you a wide range of choices regarding the size and shape of the implants. They will make suggestions based on the shape of your face and the shape you’re looking for. So when the surgery is complete, it will look completely natural. Just better in a way that other people notice, but can’t really describe. And that’s the best possible result of all.

Myth #5 Strong Chins Are Just for Men

If you’ve ever read romance novels, then you know that the men in them always have a strong jaw and chin. And yet this part of the body is rarely mentioned in relation to women. This is reflective of the social pressures that affect appearance, and it affects the way people think about chin implants. As a result, some people think that only men should have this type of surgery.

This is very obviously untrue. No matter whether you’re a man or a woman, a weak chin can make your profile look imbalanced and affect the overall appearance of your face. Obviously, most women wouldn’t want to have a chin that’s sized and shaped like a man’s chin. And that’s why you get a choice in the type and size of chin implant that your surgeon will use. That fact makes this surgery right for anyone who’s concerned about this part of their body.

Chin implant surgery is one of the most important things you can do to improve the appearance of your face. It will make your neck profile look more defined and will make your features appear more balanced. Some people even report that it makes their prominent nose look smaller because their chin balances it out. So if you’re concerned about the shape of your chin, talk to your doctor about mentoplasty to find out if it’s right for you.

5 Popular Myths about Chin Implants (Mentoplasty)
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5 Popular Myths about Chin Implants (Mentoplasty)
If you’ve ever wanted a stronger or more refined look to your face and chin, then chin implants can be the way to go. See why in this article on BeautySmoothie.
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