5 New Nonsurgical Treatments Perfect for Age-Old Worries

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Have some worrisome wrinkles? How about stubborn belly fat that doesn’t go away, despite your hours in the gym? Maybe changes to your body after having children have you feeling a little self-conscious. Whatever your cosmetic concern, chances are, there’s a nonsurgical treatment that can help. Take a look at these top five treatments that don’t require surgery or extensive downtime.

1. Nonsurgical Mommy Makeover

It’s not uncommon for women to seek out cosmetic treatments after having kids, given the fact that their bodies go through so many changes throughout the process. But if you’re not sure you need or want surgery, a nonsurgical mommy makeover could be just the ticket.

So what does this entail, exactly? Like a regular mommy makeover, the nonsurgical mommy makeover can be completely customized to suit your unique needs. Many women choose to include treatments like CoolSculpting® nonsurgical body contouring, Viveve® feminine rejuvenation and injectables like dermal fillers and/or BOTOX® to help them feel more like themselves again.

2. Sciton Laser Treatments

Most women see optimal results after just one 30-minute Viveve feminine rejuvenation session.

If skincare woes have you down, you might be a great candidate for Sciton laser treatments. There are a variety of different types of lasers designed to target specific skin concerns, including lines and wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars, redness, sun damage and uneven skin tone and texture.

If you think a laser skin treatment could be right for you, work with an experienced provider to help you decide which specific laser could be the best fit for you. Halo™ laser skin resurfacing, for instance, is a popular choice and can address a number of skin problems like wrinkles, sun spots and acne scars.

3. Profound® RF Skin Tightening and Cellulite Reduction

Similar to a laser treatment, Profound® RF uses radiofrequency waves to gently heat the underlying layers of skin, while remaining gentle on the surface. This process stimulates the natural production of collagen proteins within the skin, providing a tightening and toning effect. For this reason, Profound skin tightening treatments are sometimes referred to as a “nonsurgical facelift,” since they can help to smooth away wrinkles and improve facial sagging skin.

Using the same radiofrequency technology, combined with microneedling, Profound treatments can also be used just about anywhere on your body to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

4. MiraDry™

Do you feel like you sweat much more than normal? Do sweat stains cause embarrassment or leave you limited as to what color and types of clothing you can wear? If so, miraDry™ may be right for you. This breakthrough sweat reduction treatment combines gentle suction with controlled thermal energy to destroy targeted sweat glands.

But don’t worry — your body still has plenty of other sweat glands to sufficiently cool down. This treatment only eliminates sweat glands in the underarm area, leaving you feeling more confident and comfortable.


For anyone who spends time in the gym but hasn’t been able to achieve their fitness goals with exercise and healthy eating alone, EMSULPT® could be worth a try. This exciting new treatment uses an advanced method called High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM®) technology to help your body burn fat while building muscle at the same time.

It works by stimulating your targeted muscles to have up to 20,000 contractions in one 30-minute session, both building muscle tissue and burning away fat. There’s absolutely no downtime associated with this treatment, and you should start to see results immediately afterward, with full results continuing to develop over the next several weeks.


5 New Non-Surgical Treatments Perfect for Age-Old Worries
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5 New Non-Surgical Treatments Perfect for Age-Old Worries
Thinking about getting a nonsurgical mommy makeover or other non-invasive treatments? The team at SpaVie in Plymouth shares five popular nonsurgical treatments.
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