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5 Mommy Makeover Questions You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Mommy Makeover Questions

Planning for a mommy makeover requires a lot of planning. From the initial consultation to prepping your home and family for your recovery, there are many things to do and, undoubtedly, many questions to ask. While your surgeon is open to answer any questions you may have, sometimes embarrassment takes over and you don’t ask the questions you really want the answers for. We understand how you feel and offer answers to the top five mommy makeover questions you may be too embarrassed to ask.

1. Will My Friends and Family Know That I Had Surgery?

A mommy makeover procedure is designed to help you get back your pre-baby body contours and help you feel better about your appearance. However, many women are not keen on having the world know they just had a surgical procedure. With that being said, it is possible to “hide” your mommy makeover from others depending on the procedures you have and just how “close” you are to others. For example, every procedure will cause scarring, though typically minimal. During your recovery, you will also experience swelling. In addition, recovery can take weeks before the swelling goes down completely. While you can hide this swelling with baggy clothes, it may be difficult to hide your changed look in a swimsuit or lingerie.

2. When Can I Have Sex after Surgery?

Talking about your sexual activity with anyone besides your partner can often be embarrassing, but many women often wonder when they can be intimate after their mommy makeover. While you may be eager to spend some time in the bedroom with your partner, the fact is your body needs time to recover. Getting a little too active under the sheets can put new incisions at risk of bleeding and infections. This is especially true with procedures such as a tummy tuck or vaginal rejuvenation. Waiting at least a few weeks after your mommy makeover may seem like forever, but by then your swelling will have improved and you can really show off your new curves.

3. Will My Nipples Lose Sensitivity?

Many women wonder if a breast augmentation or lift during your mommy makeover will cause a loss of nipple sensitivity. While a loss or reduction of nipple sensation is common right after the procedure, it usually returns within a few weeks of recovery. It is very rare that nipple sensitivity will become a long-term complication.

4. Can A Mommy Makeover Rejuvenate “Down There”?

Changes to your vaginal area are common during childbirth and general aging and, oftentimes, these changes can lead to discomfort or embarrassment in intimate situations. While this may be an embarrassing question to discuss with your surgeon, you will have to bite the bullet if you want to address these issues. A vaginal rejuvenation procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, is an option to add to your mommy makeover procedure. However, unless you discuss it with your surgeon, they can’t include it.

5. Is It Okay to Have Surgery During THAT Time of the Month?</h2

Menstruating is no reason to reschedule your mommy makeover. However, there are some things to consider. If you routinely take ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatories to reduce period cramps, you increase the risk of bleeding and bruising during and after your procedure. Your surgeon will likely tell you to avoid these medications before your procedure. In this case, it may be best to try and schedule your mommy makeover when you know your period isn’t due.


5 Mommy Makeover Questions You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask
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5 Mommy Makeover Questions You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask
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