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5 Best Beauty Tools to Try This Summer

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Summertime is fun, bright, and exciting, but when those powerful UVA/UVB rays get super-hot, they can do a number on your face and body. The best way around all of that is through some awesome beauty tools that are considered to be true game changers by the pros who try them out. Don’t get stuck with dry, dull, damaged skin or callused feet. Check out our guide for the best beauty tools to try this summer!

1. Acne Spot Therapy

Pimples and/or any kind of break-outs can ruin summer fun, so if you’re looking for smooth, acne-free skin, then a compact stick you can carry around with you is the ideal way to fight back with LED light therapy.

The beauty device is pen-sized and features both red and blue lights to tame those zits. It’s ready to use in two minutes. It’s safe, painless, and approved by the FDA.

The red light is designed with anti-inflammatory elements, which can help tone down any redness and swelling that often develop with acne.

2. Hair Removal

Let’s be honest, ladies. We all see some hair we don’t want along the chin and other places once in a while. Tweezing doesn’t always remedy the issue long-term, but a cool, high-tech gadget with optical light energy and galvanic energy does the trick by opening your pores and zapping those thick, stubborn hairs right at their root effectively.

Best of all, this amazing hair removal device with light therapy is handheld, painless to use, and excellent for all skin tones and hair colors. You will feel a slight tingling as the device flashes a pulse of light onto your skin.

Bye-bye, unwanted hair.

3. Facial Toning

The advancement in beauty technology these days is quite exceptional, and many people appreciate the beauty tools out there that don’t require invasive procedures or surgeries.

You can get excellent results when you try facial toning with a microcurrent machine. These portable beauty devices can perform impressively by stimulating your facial muscles with a small electrical current.

You can soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; lift the jowls and eyebrows; infuse hydration back into sun-damaged, dry skin; improve pigmentation areas by lightening and brightening the skin; increase the collagen and elastin of your skin for smoother, firmer facial contours and improve elasticity so that your face bounces back to its natural shape.

4. Facial Steaming

Ah-hhh, a portable facial steamer is another must-have beauty gadget to consider this summer.

Therapeutic steam is so relaxing when it’s made with nano-sized water molecules. Your complexion will reap the benefits as your pores get detoxified and cleared of impurities and dead, dry skin cells.

Look for portable steamers with ion technology for enriching the water molecules and aiding the steam to penetrate and clean even deeper. If you suffer from break-outs, facial steaming is a superb method for deeply cleansing the face.

After a facial steaming session, your favorite skincare formulas will perform even better because your pores have been prepped and detoxified.

5. Callus Smoothing

There are all kinds of methods for trying to get rid of hobbit feet. You know the kind you developed over winter where the soles of your feet are thick and rough. Summertime has no time for callused feet, and many fans enjoy using an electric callus remover to get the job done right.

An electric device with convex-curved rollers never misses a spot. The rollers are composed of micro Pedi-mineral crystals, which are strong, safe, and soothing for the skin.

The gadget can deliver spa-like results by removing tough, excess skin on your heels and making them baby-soft once again.

It’s also easy to use. Just glide the electric device over the area you want to target, and in minutes, you’ll see silky, smooth heels, perfect for those flip-flop summer kinds of days.

Let’s face it. When it’s summer, it’s the season for looking your best and having fun in the sun. That means that beautiful skin is a plus on both the face and body. Today’s beauty tools offer the technology and kind of real results you’re looking for without going in for invasive procedures or surgeries.

5 Best Beauty Tools to Try This Summer
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5 Best Beauty Tools to Try This Summer
Don't get stuck with dry, dull, damaged skin or callused feet. Check out our guide for the best beauty tools to try this summer!
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