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5 Beauty Investments for Women Who Work at Home

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The working-from-home era has arrived, and big changes are among us. Without the rush of the morning commute, we’ve begun to pay more attention to our self-care routines as we adjust to staying at home. Any career adjustment will affect our beauty routines, and it’s normal to search for new products and habits better-suited to our new lives.

It’s crucial to listen to our bodies and give ourselves what we need, whether we’ve been working from home for years or only started recently. These adjustments can often lead to periods of stress, and our bodies often respond poorly to these sudden changes. There are some important wellness concepts to consider when you’ve found yourself working from home more regularly. We’re here to tell you what to consider and which beauty investments should be made if you’re working from home and want to feel your best.

Investment #1: Proper Hair Products

A common way our body responds to sudden change or career transitions is by communicating with our hair. It’s very normal to experience hair thinning and even hair loss when we’ve found ourselves stressed, so nourishing your luscious locks has never been more important. There are simple ways to maximize your hair’s health that will have you stroking your hair in admiration in no time.

  • Moisturize: There’s no reason to have frizzy hair when you work from home! Quality anti-frizz products will keep everything relaxed and silky smooth. Invest in natural, soothing conditioners and serums that keep your hair healthy and hydrated.
  • Preventative Maintenance: If you’ve struggled with hair loss in the past, the best thing that you can do is listen to your hair and give it what it needs. Castor oil is a known miracle worker for hair care, with the ability to not only strengthen hair but also moisturize and rejuvenate your locks.

Investment #2: A Trusted Skincare Routine

One of the easiest ways we can check up on ourselves is by looking in the mirror and taking note of how our skin looks and feels. Our skin adjusts based on many factors, such as hydration, stress levels, and weather changes. In the same way that different seasons affect our skin differently, working from home can cause skin changes as well. It’s completely natural to alter your skincare routine based on what your skin needs at the time, especially if your body is going through drastic changes.

We suggest investing in a skincare routine that best suits your skin’s at-home needs. Generally speaking, investing in a trusted facial cleanser, a reliable serum, and a favored moisturizer will have your skin on it’s way to feeling healthier than ever. Dr. Bernard Salameh, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and founder of Salameh Skin Care, recommends that you “apply your serums twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. They’re typically applied after cleansers and before moisturizers to help lock in moisture.”

Investment #3: New Makeup Products

Just because fewer people are likely to see you when working from home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to look nice for yourself. Putting on makeup may have once felt like a task reserved for going out, but working from home is the perfect time to test new makeup routines and products to expand your palette and learn which looks you like best.

Our makeup routine is deeply connected to our skincare routine, as Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist and CEO of Cosmakery, Janelle Thomason, explains. “A good skincare regimen isn’t going to mean you miraculously never have skin sins to hide, but properly taking care of your skin will set you up for makeup success.” If we’re listening to our skin’s needs, we have a healthier canvas for makeup looks and chic transformations.

Investment #4: New Work Clothes

There’s no denying that when working from home, it’s much easier to dress for the environment, which likely includes loungewear and pajamas. However, wearing comfortable yet professional ensembles that make us feel good is an easy way to elevate your mood and encourage productivity during the workday. Not to mention, you’ll be the talk of the Zoom call once everyone sees that you’re serving trendy looks at the Wednesday meeting. You’ve never had a better excuse to let yourself shop a little online, so purchase a few items that make you feel great on that webcam so you can provide great work as well.

Investment #5: Stock a Healthy Fridge

We’re all aware of the effects our diet can have on our mental and physical wellness, regardless of career status. When working from home, it’s easier than ever to indulge in snacks and sweet treats due to your fridge’s close proximity to your at-home workspace. Make it easier to stay healthy by investing in enriching foods that taste good and make you feel good as well. To invest in a fridge’s brighter future you need to focus on the main goals:

  • Stock up on fruits and veggies, and include them in each meal.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar-based products in your pantry.
  • Meal plan before the workweek to only purchase healthy foods that you’ll actually eat.

Working from home gives women the opportunity to try out many new self-care and beauty tricks to help them feel more confident. Beginning with our skincare routine and extending to the foods we choose to consume, our wellness is an important investment of our time and energy. With these helpful beauty investments, any working woman will find herself looking and feeling great in her at-home working environment.

5 Beauty Investments for Women Who Work at Home
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5 Beauty Investments for Women Who Work at Home
We’re here to tell you what to consider and which beauty investments should be made if you’re working from home and want to feel your best.
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