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4 Ways to Improve Your Liposuction Results

Woman in bikini
lipo suction before and after
This patient photo shows the youthful look that’s possible through eyelid surgery.

If you’ve decided to have liposuction to remove pesky, stubborn fatty areas, here are some simple, yet important, steps you can take to help ensure you’ll get the best possible lipo results.

1. Be Sure You’re a Good Candidate

Lipo is ideal for patients who are at or near their ideal weight and simply want to remove isolated pockets of fat that they can’t seem to get rid of with diet and exercise. A good candidate will also have good skin elasticity in the area to be treated so the skin will retract nicely to your new slimmer silhouette.

2. Choose an Experienced Liposuction Practitioner

Choosing the right practitioner is possibly the most important way to ensure you’ll be happy after your liposuction appointment. By choosing a doctor who’s highly experienced in performing lipo, you’ll know you are trusting your body to someone who has the expertise to delivery quality results.

3. Look for the Most Effective Technique

There are many techniques of liposuction being performed today, and choosing the one that’s best for you will help ensure you love your new look. Compared to traditional lipo methods, PowerLipo™ requires less physical force to create beautiful contours, which translates into less swelling and bruising and a quicker, more comfortable recovery.

4. Have Realistic Expectations

Before moving forward with lipo, it’s imperative that a patient understands the limitations of what lipo can and can’t do. Liposuction is not a weight loss alternative and should only be used to improve body contours and target specific problem areas. If you go into liposuction with unrealistic expectations, such as expecting dramatic weight loss or tightening of loose stomach skin, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

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