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4 Ways Men Can Ease Into Beauty Treatments

When you think of activities that the average man enjoys, things like drinking, watching sports, and going to the gym probably come to mind. Surprisingly, this stereotype is changing, and an increasing number of men are leaving their comfort zone to pursue beauty treatments that can improve their look in various ways.

If this seems like a far cry from what most men do on a weekend, the treatments in this guide will provide easy starting points so men can get acclimated to boosting their appearance.

The First Step Is Vital

The hardest part of going beyond your comfort zone is taking that first step. Whether you’re practicing a workout routine or starting a difficult new class, the only way to get over your anxiety is to dive right in and try. Whether that means stepping into a gym or trying a beauty treatment you’ve never experienced, the journey to leaving your comfort zone always begins with that first, challenging step. From there, it gets easier and more normal over time.

What Do Men Fear About Beauty Treatments?

When men think of cosmetic treatments, the image that comes to mind is typically a row of women with their hair in dryers chatting while getting manicures. To many men, these treatments are more feminine than they’re comfortable with. Seeing their wives, sisters, and girlfriends frequent these salons and med spas reinforces this stereotype.

A Matter of Ego and Insecurity

Men who won’t consider beauty treatments are very likely afraid of being labeled as too feminine. They may be embarrassed of what their friends might say if they saw them walk out of a med spa after getting Botox, or another beauty procedure, so they tend to stray away from them.

However, men who undergo these treatments prove that they’re actually more manly because they’re acting based on what they need, instead of living their life to please their ego or friends. Plus, the results of improving your appearance can increase dating prospects, improve your social life, and even enhance your career opportunities.

Four Beauty Treatments That Are Great Starting Points for Men

For men who may be somewhat open to trying a cosmetic treatment to enhance their look, diving right into a deeply involved procedure, like a chemical peel or manicure, may be far out of their comfort zone. Instead, consider starting with procedures like these which will provide benefits for your skin and body without making you feel too uncomfortable in the process.

1. Massages

Massage therapy is used to relieve pain in the muscles, cause deep relaxation, and relieve your daily stress. When you’re overstressed, it often shows up on your face in the form of wrinkles, crows feet, and other signs. A relaxing massage can help men get accustomed to walking into a spa, stripping down, and allowing a masseuse to touch them. Experiencing a few massages may make men more open to elaborate beauty and relaxation treatments.

Tips for Your First Massage

  • Do research on places near you to find out which matches your vibe.
  • Decide beforehand if you prefer a male or female masseuse.
  • Peruse the different types of massages to see which is ideal for you.

2. Professional Teeth Whitening

A recent study showed that 71% of women are more concerned about a nice smile than issues such as a receding hairline. The fact is, any enhancements made to your teeth, especially the ones you show when you smile, will improve your appearance and life in general.

One highly effective procedure that can pay dividends towards your new look is a professional teeth whitening treatment. Any dentist who specializes in cosmetic services, like Dr. Ogbara from 26th Street Dental Center in Chicago, can provide a powerful whitening treatment that is more noticeable and lasts longer than what you’ll find in stores.

3. Tanning (Indoors or Out)

One easy way to vastly improve your overall appearance as a man is to soak up some sun. No matter where you choose to do this, you can bronze your skin tone and improve your look, as long as you wear sunscreen to avoid looking like a lobster with skin problems. But once you have your tanning oil of choice, hitting the beach, park, or tanning salon will give you a golden tan that will boost your attractiveness.

While it’s easy to highlight the dangers of the sun, there are numerous benefits as well. Aside from the enhancement to your look, here are some of the benefits you can expect when tanning:

  • Spending 15 minutes in the sun gives you Vitamin D.
  • Tan skin is better protected from the sun.
  • Sun exposure has been shown to reduce depression.
  • Your biological clock and sleep routines are enhanced by sun exposure.
  • UV light from the sun is effective at treating psoriasis.

Tanning Inside or Outside

A tanning salon will give you more of the cosmetic treatment experience, but tanning can be done just as easily outside assuming the weather is sunny. If you want the experience of going out and trying a tanning salon, then that will get you more acclimated to a spa environment. But you can also go to a sunny spot to chill and catch some rays on your own if the tanning bed isn’t right for you. Discovering the right amount of sun for your skin is an excellent way to enhance your look.

4. Microdermabrasion

As men, we often endure stress, difficulty, and setbacks without making a huge deal out of it, and these hardships often show up on our face. One great way to remove acne scars and other rough parts of your facial skin is microdermabrasion. According to Men’s Journal, microdermabrasion is one of the best cosmetic procedures for men that’s well worth the money.

What to Expect

You’ll start by making an appointment with a doctor who provides this treatment, and after telling him the parts of your skin that need the most work, you’ll lay down as they prepare to start. Microdermabrasion works by blasting tiny crystals into your skin to exfoliate it, removing dirt from the pores and crevices.

This treatment completely smooths out the skin, leaving your skin looking more youthful and vibrant than ever. Since you’re just going into a private doctor’s office, microdermabrasion is excellent for men who might not be comfortable in a spa or salon.

Try Something You’ve Never Done for Results You’ve Never Had

Many average men think it seems feminine to care about improving your look. However, when you consider the many aspects of your life that can be approved by enhancing your attractiveness, these treatments can be seen as investments in yourself.

For men who want to gently step out of their comfort zone to make bold enhancements to their appearance, the rewards of being open and secure with your manliness will be great, and the women in your life will take notice.

4 Ways Men Can Ease Into Beauty Treatments
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4 Ways Men Can Ease Into Beauty Treatments
Men can benefit greatly from beauty treatments, although it's stereotypically a feminine activity to enhance your aesthetics. These options will help you start.
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