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4 Truths about Surgical & Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

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Whether you want to smooth away wrinkles, say goodbye to sagging skin or change the shape of your nose, there are a variety of surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments available to help you reach your goals. But before diving in head-first, there are a few secrets you should know to help you choose the best facial rejuvenation treatment for your needs.

1. Fillers and BOTOX® Are Not the Same

Facial fillers and neuromodulators like BOTOX® are often talked about together and sometimes even used interchangeably to describe the same treatment. However, fillers and BOTOX are two different treatments, though they have a similar application.

There are many types of facial fillers, with hyaluronic acid fillers being one of the most popular. Hyaluronic fillers like Restylane®, JUVÉDERM® and others work by plumping your skin beneath the surface to “fill in” lines and creases or restore lost volume in the cheeks or lips for a more youthful look. 

BOTOX, on the other hand, contains a special formulation of botulinum toxin, which temporarily relaxes the facial muscle contractions that cause dynamic wrinkles. Some of the aging concerns most commonly treated with BOTOX include forehead wrinkles, “11 lines” between the brows, and crow’s feet.

2. There’s Not a “Right” Age for Facial Plastic Surgery

People choose to get facial rejuvenation surgery or nonsurgical treatments for a variety of reasons, and everyone’s goals, needs and starting point are different. For this reason, there’s no “best” age to get facial plastic surgery. 

Work with a trusted plastic surgeon to determine if facial plastic surgery could be right for you in your current stage of life. While some people may choose to start with nonsurgical options like fillers or BOTOX, others may be better candidates for a surgical procedure such as a face lift, brow lift, or nose job from the get-go.

3. Facial Plastic Surgery Results Should Look Natural

Plastic surgery techniques have advanced considerably in the last decades, allowing for smooth, seamless results that can make you look like an improved version of yourself. Unlike some cosmetic procedures of the past, today’s facelifts and other facial plastic surgeries should never leave you looking “frozen” or “windblown,” provided you work with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.

Take a little extra time up front to research the best facial plastic surgeons in your area before moving forward with your procedure to ensure optimal results.

4. A Good Plastic Surgeon Can Help Keep Your Expectations in Check

When planning your facial plastic surgery, it’s imperative that you’re able to maintain realistic expectations about what plastic surgery can and cannot achieve. 

Your plastic surgeon isn’t a fairy godmother, there to grant you every wish. Rather, your plastic surgeon is a knowledgeable guide to help you make the best decisions about your facial rejuvenation procedure or treatment that will ultimately end in the best possible results. 

If you are asking for something that seems unreasonable, unattainable or downright risky, a reputable plastic surgeon should offer a more realistic solution that’s in your best interest.

4 Truths about Surgical & Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation
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4 Truths about Surgical & Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation
What are the best treatments for facial rejuvenation? Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Waleed Ezzat in Boston shares 4 secrets to help you decide.
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