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4 Treatments That Are Perfect for Men

Perfect for Men

The cosmetics industry has grown to a remarkable $62 Billion in the United States, and there’s no doubt that the lion’s share of that is due to women. Women are the primary customers for almost all cosmetic treatments, from facial treatments to dental enhancements. But since everyone wants to look their absolute best, where do men fit in when it comes to beauty treatments?

What Are Men’s Concerns About Beauty Treatments?

When looking into why more men don’t get cosmetic treatments, there’s one simple answer that comes to mind: These treatments are very feminine and they make most men uncomfortable. The truth is, a man has to be very assured in his sexuality to sit with a row of women in a spa as they gently manicure their fingernails or to lay in a chair as a facial scrub is gently massaged into their skin. However, for the men who venture beyond their comfort zone, there is vast potential to make remarkable improvements to their appearance.

Which Beauty Treatments Are Best for Men?

The reality is almost any cosmetic procedure can benefit men as well. But this list takes into account the beauty treatments that will be most beneficial for masculine men. That means tanning instead of pedicures and hair removal rather than facial masks. Discover four cosmetic treatments that will improve the looks of even the manliest man.

  1. Professional Teeth Whitening – For a Smile That Makes an Impact

    One of the most attractive and charming features of anyone, man or woman, is their smile. If you can flash a smile full of beautiful, white teeth, you’ll vastly enhance your overall attractiveness. For those who are coffee, wine, or tea drinkers, staining can reduce the gleam of your smile, rendering it dull and yellow. Fortunately, in addition to the numerous products available on the market, most dentists provide whitening treatments that deliver effective results in a short time.

    When you’re searching for a dentist who provides whitening services, there will be three brands you’ll see consistently: Zoom!, KOR, and GLO. Each of these leading brands of professional whitening comes with their own subtle differences, but they all have the power to vastly improve your smile. If you’re ready to take your smile to the next level, simply find a dentist like Dr. Wael Borham in Las Cruces, New Mexico who provides cosmetic services. You’ll be surprised at what a difference brightening your smile by several shades can make.

  2. Waxing and Hair Removal – For Guys Who Need it, Waxing is Vital

    Look, we get it – you were made with beastly back hair and it’s there as a symbol of your manliness. However, visiting a spa to have it removed will make your beach bod much more attractive all around. Not every man will need to have their back or chest waxed, but for some men, it will make a massive difference, and the lady in your life will thank you.

    Everyone has seen the scenes in movies, like Eurotrip, where the man is subject to a painful yet comedic waxing procedure that removes excessive hair from his back. Well, the main reason why waxing is done rather than shaving is simply because it lasts longer. Shaving the back is difficult and the hair grows back quickly, but waxing can last six weeks or more. Waxing can be done for around $35-100 in most cities, so it’s a great option to consider when you absolutely have to get rid of your unwanted body hair.

  3. Tanning – Get that golden look that shows you’re healthy and active

    People who spend time in the sun are distinct for the darkened glow that adorns their skin. Whether they’re surfing or running, playing football or working outside, the dark tint on a person’s skin implies that they’re active and enjoying life. Both men and women appreciate a fit, tanned body, and it says a lot about you to those who notice. Extremely versatile and immediately effective, tanning is one of the best ways for men to enhance their look.

    While the advantages of tanning outside are that it’s free and widely-available, finding quality sun may be a challenge depending on your location. The biggest threat with tanning outside is ironically the sun itself. Failing to wear sunscreen can leave you vulnerable to problems ranging from sunburn to skin cancer.

    Alternatively, tanning booths are available for both private purchase and use at a tanning salon. If you live in a location where ample sunshine is a rare luxury, a tanning bed can enhance your look even throughout the winter months. While a single trip to a tanning salon will just cost around $5-25, you can own a tanning booth for your own home for an investment of $2500. However you get your tan, one thing’s for certain – it will give you that Baywatch, fresh off the beach look people love.

  4. Botox – Dull the muscles in your face to keep wrinkles at bay

    Exploding in popularity in recent years, Botox is a chemical that numbs the muscles when its injected into them. This has a lot of medical uses, but its most popular use is to numb the muscles in the face to virtually eliminate wrinkles. While older people can benefit most from Botox injections, men from 30-75 can probably find an area or two where it can smooth out their skin.

    It’s true that men and women differ in many ways, but when it comes to Botox, we all face the perils of aging and have faces of similar structure. Men get crows feet and forehead wrinkles in the same way as women, and these conditions can be effectively managed with assistance from  Botox. The cost of Botox will vary greatly from city to city, but expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $1150. For men who love to invest in improving their look, Botox is a phenomenal option.

A New Year With New Opportunities for Men to Look Their Best

If you’re a man who’s never ventured into the realm of using cosmetic beauty treatments to improve your appearance, you’re not alone. Most men are too set in their ways or even insecure to enter a salon with the intent of beautifying themselves. But for those who are brave enough and comfortable with their feminine side, there is a world of options that can take your look to heights you never thought possible.

4 Treatments That Are Perfect for Men
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4 Treatments That Are Perfect for Men
While cosmetic treatments are mostly marketed to and used by, women, there are some that are ideal for men who want to look their best as well.
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