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4 Tips for Easing Back into Exercise after Breast Implants

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If you take care of your body and are physically fit, getting breast implants will likely help you love your figure even more. However, your workout routine may have to take a backseat for a little while after surgery in order for your body to heal properly and for your implants to look as great as possible.

1. Limit Upper Body Activities

It’s very important to avoid activating your pectoral muscles in the first several weeks following breast augmentation. Whether your new implants are placed under or over the pectoral muscles, your entire chest area will need a break from excess physical activity to heal properly.

2. Start Out Small

When we give you the go-ahead to resume exercising, start out small with very mild activities. Don’t compromise your recovery by jumping into a hardcore cross-fit class, but stick with lighter activity such as walking on the treadmill instead. Pushing yourself too hard too soon can lead to increased complications, including bleeding and swelling.

3. Listen to Your Body

Your body will let you know if you’re pushing yourself too much, so listen to it. Start out slow with walking or using a stationary exercise bike around two weeks after surgery and increase intensity as you feel comfortable.

4. Listen to Your Doctor

When you get breast implants, you’re making an investment in your body. The best way to protect that investment and get great results is to follow your doctor’s instructions. Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Clark know from experience what you should and shouldn’t do after surgery to heal properly and protect the appearance of your implants as well as your overall health. Sacrificing your workout routine for a few short weeks is a small price to pay for your new silhouette.

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