Tummy Tuck

4 Times a Tummy Tuck Might Not Be the Right Answer

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck can be a great option after pregnancy, or for individuals who have experienced dramatic weight loss. However, not all your midsection woes may be addressed by abdominoplasty. Here are four times when a tummy tuck may not be the right answer.

  1. If Your Main Concern Is Love Handles

    Love handles are notoriously difficult to shed with traditional weight loss methods like dieting and exercise, so it makes sense that many patients seek cosmetic surgery to help them slim their hips. Rather than a tummy tuck, liposuction can slim down your love handles for a more streamlined figure.

  2. If Fatty Tissue Is a Bigger Problem than Loose Skin

    One of the primary benefits of a tummy tuck is the removal of excess skin for a tighter stomach. While a tummy tuck can also remove a limited amount of excess fatty tissue, if this is a bigger concern to you than skin laxity, liposuction may be your best option.

  3. If You Want to Eliminate Stretch Marks on the Hips or Upper Abdomen

    Contrary to popular belief, a tummy tuck does not necessarily eliminate stretch marks. If your stretch marks are primarily located in your lower abdomen, they may be removed incidentally during your tummy tuck surgery, but if your goal is to eliminate stretch marks on the hips or above the belly button, a tummy tuck won’t do it.

  4. If You Want to Lose Weight

    As with any body contouring procedure, a tummy tuck is not an alternative to weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you’re better off spending time on more traditional weight loss methods, reaching your ideal weight prior to your tummy tuck.

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