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4 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Facelift Recovery

Facelift Recovery

When you think about planning a facelift, the recovery process is sure to be on your mind. After all, while you may be eager for the results, you may be apprehensive about the healing journey. The good news is that while some discomfort may be unavoidable, there are several ways you can speed up your facelift recovery.

  1. Follow Your Plastic Surgeon’s Advice

    Before your facelift, your board-certified plastic surgeon will provide you with some post-surgery instructions, which will generally include advice on using pain relief, how long to avoid strenuous activity and how to care for your face as it heals.

  2. Get Plenty of Rest

    No matter how fantastic you feel in the days following your facelift, your recovery will be helped by you taking it easy. Don’t rush into returning to your daily activities or work – give your body time to heal itself.

  3. Eat a Healthy Diet

    For your body to do its best healing work, it needs to be properly nourished.

     A healthy, nourishing diet is one of the best things you can do to support your healing and speed up the recovery process.

  4. Take Care of Bruising and Swelling

    The visible signs of a facelift are likely to be one of your concerns when recovering. To reduce bruising and swelling as quickly as possible, elevate your head when sleeping to keep it above heart level and apply ice to the affected area regularly.

    Although camouflaging the bruising may be tempting, make-up should be avoided for the first week after your facelift.

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