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Breast Reduction

4 Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction

Woman covering breast

For every woman who wishes her breasts were larger, another woman feels bothered by her large breasts. Women with a generous breast volume may consider breast reduction surgery for a variety of physical and emotional reasons. Here are four of the most common reasons for breast reduction.

1. Breasts Have Changed in Size

Breasts store fatty tissue in the body, and fluctuations in fatty tissue due to weight gain or pregnancy can naturally result in larger breasts. This added volume isn’t always welcomed by women who may feel that their new breast size is unflattering or creates a top-heavy look. Additionally, an increase in breast volume may limit wardrobe options and negatively affect posture.

2. Ongoing Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain

Women with large breasts often experience persistent pain in their upper back, neck and shoulders as well as lifelong posture problems due to the excess weight carried on their chest. Some health insurance providers cover some or all of the costs of breast reduction when the surgery is performed out of medical necessity to relieve these and other health-related concerns.

3. Inconvenience during Physical Activities

Athletics are most comfortable for women with relatively a small breast size. Large breasts can get in the way and even cause pain during running and other activities, which can be extremely inconvenient for women who like to be active.

4. Feelings of Insecurity

Women with a generous breast volume often attract unwanted attention and can feel self-conscious wearing bathing suits or other revealing clothing due to their breast size. Breast reduction surgery can help you feel more attractive and proportionate, and give you a wider range of clothing options.

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