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4 Reasons Less Is More When It Comes to Facelifts

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Very often, the most successful facial rejuvenation is the result of taking the least invasive approach possible. A more conservative philosophy toward graceful aging allows me to craft very natural facelift results that honor a patient’s unique features. Here’s a closer look at the reasons I believe less is more when it comes to facelifts.

1. More Natural-Looking Results

The goal of a facelift is to create a refreshed appearance, not to try and look like a teenager again. In fact, it’s this type of unrealistic expectation that can lead to overcorrection on the part of the surgeon, ultimately culminating in disappointing results.

By using a lighter touch, I’m able to help my patients rejuvenate their appearance while preventing the “stretched” look that overcorrection can deliver. A facelift should be about encouraging a more elegant, controlled aging process that’s flattering rather than obvious.

2. A Foundation for the Future

No matter how old you are when you decide a facelift is right for you, the aging process doesn’t stop after surgery. Although a facelift can turn back the hands of time, often by several years or more, it’s important to keep in mind that future procedures may be necessary to maintain your youthful look over the long-term. A conservative approach leaves plenty of room for further improvements if needed, whereas overcorrection could remove that option completely. Starting with subtlety is always the safest course of action.

3. Seeing Success with Creative Combinations

A facelift is far from the only option when it comes to facial rejuvenation. These days, there are many nonsurgical treatments to minimize the signs of aging as well:

  • Ultherapy® uses noninvasive, focused ultrasound energy to lift and tighten loose skin and the underlying structural support layers of the face, while simultaneously promoting natural collagen production for a nonsurgical facelift.
  • BOTOX® smoothes away dynamic wrinkles for an unlined appearance through the brow and eye area.
  • Chemical peels reveal younger-looking skin by removing damaged skin and improving fine lines, age spots and even acne scars.
  • Dermal fillers diminish the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles caused by volume loss, such as the laugh lines (nasolabial folds).

Whether I perform these treatments separately or together, the results can be impressive. Minimally invasive treatments of this nature still leave the option open of pursuing a surgical facelift in the future if desired.

Combining facial surgeries with nonsurgical treatments is another option I offer my patients. For example, I can restore a more alert, rested look to the eye area with eyelid surgery, while including BOTOX® for crow’s feet and perhaps an all-over chemical peel to even out the skin tone for unmistakable results with shorter downtime and recovery compared to a traditional facelift.

4. A Conservative Approach for Greater Customization

Each of my patients has different goals and wishes as they age. By taking moderate steps toward those goals rather than an overenthusiastic leap, I can address specific concerns and more closely meet a patient’s hopes and expectations. Not only does this mean you’ll see better results in the areas that trouble you the most, but you can also feel confident about achieving an outcome that meets your unique needs.

For most of us, growing older isn’t the problem nearly so much as looking older than we feel. By taking a “less is more” view of rejuvenating cosmetic surgery, I can help you feel better about the face you’re presenting to the world, while ensuring that your outer reflection better matches your inner vitality.

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