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4 People Who Can Minimize the Stress In Your Life

Minimize the Stress

A recent survey from the American Psychological Association showed that opens in a new window75% of Americans have experienced stress symptoms in the past month. While nearly all of us have to deal with stress on a regular basis, excessive stress can take a major toll on our health — and our looks.

How Stress Can Make You Look Older

People spend millions of dollars each year on beauty treatments, but eliminating the excess stress in your life might be even more effective for preserving your youthful good looks.These are some of the ways  that stress negatively impacts your appearance:

  • Bags under your eyes
  • Acne
  • Dry skin
  • Rashes
  • Graying hair
  • Hair loss

As you can see, symptoms of excessive stress can make you look years older than you actually are, so one of the best things you can do for your beauty is to learn to reduce it.

Four People Who Can Help Lower the Stress In Your Life

Although none of these people give cosmetic treatments, they will decrease the stress you’re feeling, preventing wrinkles and other problems. Discover how each of these four types of people can help you reduce stress and avoid premature signs of aging.

  1. Yoga Instructor

    If you’ve passed up on opportunities to try yoga, it may be time to give it a shot. With physical and mental advantages that are hard to find anywhere else, yoga is an active meditation that can vastly reduce stress in your life.

    There are numerous types of yoga, but by experimenting at different schools and finding an instructor you mesh well with, you can discover a life changing new habit to add to your daily routine. Plus, it’s versatile, so once you’ve been to some classes and know what you’re doing, you can practice at home before bed, at the beach or park, or wherever you feel like.

    Proven Benefits of Yoga Practice

    Although it may seem like it due to its burst of popularity, yoga is far more than just another fitness fad. Unlike other workouts or forms of meditation, yoga has been around for thousands of years and only recently exploded in popularity.

    These are some of its opens in a new windowknown benefits according to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA):

    • Increases strength and flexibility
    • Healthy way to lose weight
    • Enhance protection from injury
    • Lower stress and feel relaxed after every session
    • Improve mobility and overall athleticism
    • Experience more energy which is a youthful quality
  2. Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer

    Exercise is the greatest form of stress relief and an antidepressant that so many people neglect. For many people, getting into the habit of working out seems like a near-impossible task, but once you develop the habit, it’ll be a healthy part of your life that will keep you looking your best.

    A Trainer Will Help You Leave Your Comfort Zone

    Whether you choose an outdoor boot camp, a fitness class at your local gym, or some other type of physical training, the coach or trainer opens in a new windowcan be a godsend for getting you in shape.

    The biggest obstacle to developing a workout routine is getting started, and knowing that you have a coach to not disappoint will give you the motivation you need to show up to your intense workouts.

    Some Stress at First, but Less Stress in the Long Run

    If you’re feeling some stress and anxiety about showing up to a new workout class or starting sessions with a new instructor, that’s perfectly natural. As mentioned, the hardest part is taking that first step to get started.

    But keep in mind that once you have a strong habit developed so it feels like a natural part of your life, you’ll start to look forward to your workouts and notice results like a much more toned body, more confidence, and a calm, relaxed demeanor.

  3. Sedation Dentist

    Our smiles are the most crucial part of making a first impression, and when something is painful or detracting from their appearance, it can be very stressful. Seeing the dentist is a necessity, not only for our health but to keep our smiles looking as clean and healthy as possible. Although many people find this to be a stressful experience, it doesn’t have to be if you find the right dentist.

    Take the Stress Out of an Otherwise Stressful Visit

    To make your dental appointment a breeze, simply find a dentist who offers Sedation Dentistry. If you have a dentist who provides this service, like opens in a new windowDr. Eugene Stanislaus does in Brooklyn, then any procedure you need, from root canals and deep cleanings to veneers and dental implants, will be a completely stress-free and painless experience.

    Considering that your smile contributes largely to your beauty and having a dentist care for it every 3-6 months is a necessity, you may as well visit one who can eliminate the stress of your appointments.

  4. Your Support System: Good Friends and Family

    While workouts and yoga classes are excellent for reducing stress, there’s nothing that can replace a strong support system. Studies show that both kids and adults benefit from having a friend they can talk to during difficult times. One study published in Health Psychology even stated that employees without a good support system at work are opens in a new window2.5 times more likely to die over a 20 year period.

    Use Your Unique Resources

    It’s understandable that some families are much closer than others, but many of us may have people we’re neglecting to connect with. Who are the people in your life you can come to and count on to listen to your problems?

    Whether it’s a teacher or counselor who truly cares, or a friend or relative who would love to be a bigger part of your life, don’t hesitate to make strong connections with the people around you. You’ll be healthier, live longer, and avoid the effects of stress for making the effort.

    Finding New Friends for Your Support System

    If you’ve moved to a new city, or have been deeply engrossed in work or school, you may not have a strong support system at the moment. Luckily, it’s never too late to make new friends, even as an adult. Try these suggestions to meet people for your support system who you may connect with:

    • Get deep into your fitness classes and talk to other regulars there.
    • Go out on walks regularly and talk to people you encounter.
    • Walk a dog if you have one and meet people at the dog park.
    • Invite acquaintances or coworkers out to lunch or some other event.

    However you find your support system, it’s arguably the easiest way to keep stress at bay, and prevent the effects of aging from showing up on your face.

Control Stress and Prevent Signs of Aging

When it comes to diseases, heart problems, and developing wrinkles, stress is most often the culprit. While we all age, there’s no need to let stress cause you to look ten years older than you actually are.

By knowing who to go to for optimal stress relief in your life, whether it’s a friend or a personal trainer, you get the help you need to keep stress away and retain your youthful appearance.

4 People Who Can Minimize the Stress In Your Life
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4 People Who Can Minimize the Stress In Your Life
Excess stress can lead to wrinkles, crows feet, hair loss, and other conditions that drastically affect your appearance. Discover four people who minimize it.
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