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Breast Augmentation

4 Funny Things You May Notice after Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

While you can plan on seeing an immediate change in your breasts after augmentation, your final results are still months away. You can expect to feel great about your new look as your results develop over time, but at first, you may notice a few funny things during your early recovery period.

  1. A Tingling or Burning Sensation

    Many women feel a tingling or burning sensation in their breasts after augmentation. Tingling or burning is a good sign that indicates your nerves are regenerating and sending out periodic electric signals to reconnect with the surrounding tissue.

  2. Sudden Sharp Pains

    Sharp, shooting pain in your breasts is also common following a breast augmentationopens WORD file You may feel these sensations for several weeks, or even a couple months. This is another good sign that your nerves are recuperating.

       Remember, the full recovery process after breast augmentation takes several months.

  3. The “SpongeBob SquareBoobs” Look

    As you go through the stages of recoveryopens WORD file , your breasts may not look like you imagined in the first few weeks. You may experience swelling that can alter the shape of your breasts and your breast implants may feel firm, look square and sit high on your chest. Your body needs about 6 months to adjust as your breast implants soften and settle into the pocket.

  4. Itchy or Knotty Incisions

    You may experience an itchy or knotty feeling with any type of incisionopens WORD file . Itching around your incision is common as your skin heals. It’s important that you don’t scratch, though! Applying ice may help relieve the itching. Your incisions may also feel knotty or lumpy as temporary scar tissue forms. Check with your plastic surgeon about post-operative massage to help the lumps dissolve.

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