4 Emotions to Expect After Liposuction

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While liposuction is a physical surgery, it’s important to consider the ways in which your emotional state may be affected – although temporarily – by the postoperative process as well. It’s very typical to have a lot of emotions during recovery, and just as typical to wonder if that’s normal. In answer: yes, it absolutely is. Here are four of the most common feelings patients experience after lipo.

1. Anxiety

Immediately following your lipo procedure, it’s standard to feel some sense of anxiety, particularly if general anesthesia has been used. You may also feel a little disoriented by the temporary swelling, tender suture spots, and general sense that your body has undergone a big experience. These feelings should soon pass, and you’ll soon feel less nervous and more positive.

2. Restlessness

While most liposuction procedures don’t require significant downtime, you will need to take it easy for at least a few days. No matter how restless you may feel while waiting for swelling to go down and incisions to heal, it’s important to follow your doctor’s orders, wear compression garments as instructed, and not push yourself.

3. Relief

Most patients experience a sense of relief after undergoing a lipo procedure, especially if it’s something they’ve looked forward to for a long time. Enjoy the sense of release that comes from knowing you’ve finally taken that important step you’ve been planning for so long.

4. Pride

Finally, feeling great about your final results is a completely natural reaction to your lipo. You may even feel a bit like a whole new man or woman. If you ever wonder whether you’re showing too much pride in your new look, just remember that self-confidence is always the most important quality anyone can have as long as you wear it with a smile.

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