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Hair Loss

4 Bad Things Happen To Your Hair When You Eat Too Much Sugar

Eat Too Much Sugar

We know that sugar is bad for the waistline. But do you know sugar is bad for hair too? Medical research has proved that sugar can harm hair and nails. So, if you are suffering from hair loss or have discolored nails, check your sugar intake. 

Here is how sugar can wreak havoc on your tresses and nails:

1. Sugar shrinks follicles

When you take in more sugar, your body produces more insulin. This results in the increase in production of androgen. Studies have proved that high levels of androgens in the body adversely affect follicular function. They shrink follicles and this triggers hair loss. 

2. Sugar causes a red, itchy scalp

Is your scalp red and itchy? Do you often suffer from dandruff? Before you blame your shampoo, check your sugar intake. Excess sugar consumption increases the secretion of oils on the scalp. This can trigger dandruff and make your scalp itchy. Try to go sugar free for a few weeks and then observe the changes in your scalp’s skin. 

3. Sugar makes hair drier and nails brittle

Excess sugar consumption reduces the body’s ability to fully absorb protein, minerals, and vitamins from food. This impacts the health of hair and nails. If you do not check your sugar intake, you may experience nutritional deficiencies in the long run. And if you have already started noticing your hair breaking off easily when you comb or brush them, or your nails chipping off easily, then you must take a hard look at your sugar intake. 

4. Sugar leads to premature greying of hair

You may have never imagined that your greying hair is due to your sweet tooth! Studies have discovered that sugar accelerates aging of the body by hastening the oxidation process. Premature greying of hair is one of the signs of aging. Sugar can also lead to premature wrinkles on the skin. So, if you are in your 30s or below and you have grey streaks in hair, it’s time to check your sugar intake. 

Daily recommended sugar consumption

The amount of sugar one must take varies with individuals. A person with an ideal body weight and good general health can take 20-25 grams sugar every day, while obese people should limit themselves to just 10 grams of sugar per day. 

The American Heart Association recommends daily intake of up to 6 teaspoons of sugar per day for women (this amounts to 25 grams sugar or 100 calories from sugar), and 9 teaspoons for men (this amounts to 38 grams sugar or 150 calories from sugar). For children, the recommended intake of sugar is up to 3 teaspoons per day. This amounts to 12 grams. 

The recommended sugar intake includes sugar from all food sources – natural and processed. 

Alas, most Americans exceed the recommended 25 grams of sugar due to the excessive amount of processed foods in their platter every day. 

Beautiful hair is not the result of good shampoos and hair products. Diet plays a vital role. No amount of the best shampoo would save your hair, if you continue to feed your body with heaps of sugar daily. It’s time to go easy on sugar for healthy hair and a healthy existence.

4 Ways Sugar Harms Your Hair & You Didn’t Know
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4 Ways Sugar Harms Your Hair & You Didn’t Know
Sugar is bad not only for your waistline, but also for your hair. Here are 4 ways how sugar silently destroys your hair health and leads to hair loss.
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