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Tummy Tuck

4 Advantages of No-Drain Tummy Tucks

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Patients often believe that dealing with messy, post-surgical drains are a necessary evil of having a tummy tuck. In reality, drain-free tummy tucks are not only available and increasing in popularity, but they also offer some very distinct advantages over their traditional counterparts.

1. Superior Results Thanks to Liposuction

A drain-free tummy tuck incorporates liposuction to deliver even better results. One of the downfalls of traditional tummy tucks is that they can sometimes create an  opens in a new windowunnaturally flat appearance to the stomach . With the more precise sculpting ability that liposuction provides, I’m able to create more organic nuances and contours to the abdomen to ensure a final outcome that’s flattering instead of obviously surgical.

2. More Comfortable Recovery

My patients are often surprised at how comfortable their recovery is compared to stories from friends and family about the long and uncomfortable healing process typically required after traditional abdominoplasty. A no-drain tummy tuck allows for less swelling and bruising, which means increased patient comfort and a faster recovery period.

3. A Better Final Scar

After removing excess skin and tightening the stomach muscles, I use a special “quilted” technique to layer sutures when performing a drain-free tummy tuck. This unique stitching method not only minimizes fluid buildup in the abdomen, but also helps relieve tension on the skin, which can result in a nicer scar.

4. No Post-Surgical Drains

Opting for a no-drain tummy tuck should be a no-brainer, as no one wants to deal with the unpleasant task of emptying and cleaning post-surgical drains. The lack of drains is just one more reason a drain-free tummy tuck offers a more comfortable and pleasant experience when compared to the old-fashioned approach.

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