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3 Ways to Declare Independence for Your Breasts

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Is this your year to get the breast appearance you really want? Maybe you wish they were fuller or perkier or not quite so heavy. No matter what your goals are, an experienced cosmetic surgeon can help you decide if a breast augmentation, lift, reduction or a combination of procedures could be the right Independence Day treat for your breasts.

Get a head start on your research here by taking a look at the main differences between breast implants, a breast lift and a breast reduction.

1. Breast Augmentation

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures year after year, breast augmentation could be a good choice for you if you are looking for fuller or more symmetrical breasts. Many women choose moderately sized breast implants that offer a boost of volume while still appearing natural and in balance with the rest of their body proportions. 

However, if breast sagging or drooping is also a concern for you, consider pairing your breast augmentation with a breast lift. Unfortunately, breast augmentation on its own will not be able to address stretched skin or sagging tissue, and can actually make these issues worse by adding more weight and therefore gravity into the equation. 

2. Breast Lift

Speaking of breast lifts, this procedure is the way to go if you feel like your breasts are riding a bit lower than they used to. Breast sagging can be caused by a number of factors, including weight loss, aging, genetics and pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Some women find that getting a breast lift makes it easier to find bras that fit well and are more comfortable.

A breast lift can help you achieve a firmer, perkier appearance by removing and tightening excess skin and tissue. While a breast lift does not significantly change the size of your breasts, some women choose to include implants with their breast lifts to achieve a fuller and more youthful look. However, if you are happy with the size of your breasts, a breast lift on its own can be enough to address breast sagging and achieve your cosmetic goals.

3. Breast Reduction

Does the size of your breasts keep you from exercising, slipping into a bikini or wearing certain styles of clothing? Maybe you’ve noticed that the tops of your shoulders always have painful red lines dug into them where your bra straps sit. Or maybe back, neck and shoulder pain is an ongoing problem for you. 

If any of these things are true for you, a breast reduction might be the most appropriate solution. During this procedure, your cosmetic surgeon can remove excess breast tissue and then tighten the remaining skin to create not only smaller breasts but also a firm, more youthful appearance.

Virtually all breast reductions include a breast lift, so this is not a separate procedure you have to ask for. But it can be helpful to discuss your specific goals for your final results with your cosmetic surgeon so that he or she can customize your procedure. 

3 Ways to Declare Independence for Your Breasts
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3 Ways to Declare Independence for Your Breasts
Wondering if a breast augmentation, lift or reduction is right for you? Cosmetic surgeon Dr. James Koehler in Fairhope, Alabama helps you decide.
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