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3 Ways Surgical Skill Can Help Ensure Beautiful Breast Augmentation Results

doctor advising a woman about breast surgery

Breast augmentation is a big decision that can feel especially intimidating if you aren’t sure you’ll get exactly the look you want. Your surgeon’s skill, qualifications and experience can all be major determinants of achieving your dream look. Here are three ways surgical excellence can help deliver beautiful results.

1. The Right Breast Implant Shape, Size and Placement

If you’re considering augmentation, the shape and size of your implants are probably among your top concerns. While some women may be worried that their implants will look obvious or fake, a breast enhancement specialist can offer a variety of implant options to create the look you want.

Additionally, placement of the implant can be critical. Collaborating with your surgeon on your goals will allow him or her to take all these factors into consideration to better visualize your new look. At my practice, I offer women the advantage of seeing the results before their surgery with Vectra 3D Imaging to help ensure that each patient knows what to expect.

2. A Reduced Chance of Revision Surgery

A surgeon with a conservative and well-rounded approach can help you achieve optimal results with a minimal chance of revision surgery in the future. Because my background is in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, I am able to draw from a variety of experiences. This perspective can minimize the chance that my patients will need revision surgery down the road.

3. Fewer Complications

While your breast augmentation may be primarily about appearances, a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive training will have your health and safety at the forefront of his or her concerns as well. By looking into your surgeon’s background, you can drastically reduce risks of complications, ensuring that you have a positive experience combined with beautiful results.

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