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After Weight Loss Liposuction

3 Ways Liposuction Complements Your Weight Loss Efforts

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Liposuction is not a solution for losing weight, but can be an ideal way to accentuate your thinner figure after successfully shedding a few extra pounds. If you’ve reached your target weight but are still unhappy with one or two isolated areas, there are a few ways that liposuction can take your weight loss results to a whole new level.

1. Fine-Tune Problem Areas

Liposuction is ideal for patients who have some persistent problem spots that remain despite efforts to exercise and maintain a healthy diet. The frustration of certain fat deposits hanging around can definitely take some of the satisfaction away from enjoying your slim new figure.

An experienced post-weight loss body contouring surgeon can artistically sculpt away those stubborn fatty areas to significantly improve your body’s silhouette, providing the finishing touch for the healthier new look you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

2. Eliminate Love Handles

Fat deposits around the upper hips and high waist area can be particularly difficult to eliminate, despite committed dedication at the gym. These love handles are an ideal target area for liposuction, since careful contouring will enhance your waistline and create a slimmer, more well-defined profile.

3. Slim Thighs and Arms

Excess fat in the thighs and upper arms is not only unsightly, but is virtually impossible to eliminate through diet and exercise alone. Liposuction can give a more streamlined look to your extremities, improving the overall look of the lower body by giving a leaner, more sculpted look to the entire line of the legs and eliminating the “wobble” that keeps on waving in the upper arms even after you’ve said goodbye.

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