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Tummy Tuck

3 Ways Compression Garments Help after Body Contouring

Body ContouringA compression garment can help you recover more quickly and see your final results sooner after a body contouring procedure such as a tummy tuckopens WORD file or liposuction. How long Dr. Meade has you wear the compression garment may depend on how quickly your body heals. Even if you only use it for a short time, a garment can still be an important part of your recovery by helping in three specific ways.

  1. Comfort

    A compression garment may not sound comfortable but the support it provides for your abdomen as you recover from a tummy tuck can help you rest more easily and feel more comfortable sitting, standing and breathing deeply. Typically, the garment covers your entire abdomen from your thighs or hips up to or over your breasts and can be custom fit to your shape for maximum comfort. It should be snug enough to firmly support your midsection, yet have enough stretch that you don’t feel squeezed.

  2. Better Mobility

    Meade may encourage you to get up and move around by going for easy walks a few days after your tummy tuck. As you begin moving about the house and outside, a compression garment can improve your mobility, reduce discomfort and alleviate concerns that your incision is being protected.

  3. Reduce Swelling

    A compression garment also helps to lessen the swelling that is a common part of recovering from a tummy tuck. The garment applies uniform pressure across your abdomen, holding the skin tightly to the abdominal wall to reduce the likelihood of loose or sagging skin and speeding up the blood flow to more quickly resolve swelling and accelerate healing to reveal your final, long-lasting results.

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