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Breast Lift

3 Ways a Breast Lift Can Boost Your Figure

A mastopexy, better known as a breast lift, can help alleviate some of the natural sagging that happens with age, pregnancy or weight fluctuations. However, a breast lift can definitely benefit your figure in more ways than one.

1. Lifts and Repositions Breasts

A breast lift can correct sagging in the breasts by lifting them to a higher position on the torso. By tightening the breast skin around the newly positioned breasts, your figure is held in a perkier and more youthful profile and placement. Any excess skin is trimmed away, providing the breasts with a tighter and smoother look.

2. Creates a More Proportionate Nipple & Areola

Many women who experience sagging in the breasts also can have enlarged areolas, or off-center or downward pointing nipples. A breast lift can reposition the nipples in a natural, central location, as well as resize the areolas as needed.

3. Enhances Figure without Implants

Many women think that breast augmentation is their primary option when it comes to enhancing their curves. However, a breast lift can enhance your figure, provide a more youthful bust line and improve breast proportions all without implants. While a lift won’t affect the size of your breasts, a boost in breast placement can help revamp your figure. Women who are interested in the benefits of a breast lift as well as increasing the size of their breasts can combine a breast lift with implants for the best of both worlds, but many women are happy with the benefits provided by a lift performed on its own.

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