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3 Tips for Successful “Cankle” Liposuction

The transition area from calf to ankle – called the “cankle” when the transition is not as clear or delicate as one might like—is notoriously challenging to contour via liposuction. However, when the right approach is taken, the results can be flattering and beautiful.

1. Use Micro Cannulas

Since the lower leg and ankle area are very unforgiving when it comes to a misjudgment in liposuction technique, using the proper tools is key. Micro cannulas allow surgeons greater precision, a necessity due to the minimal soft tissue present; even the removal of a very small amount of fat can make a big difference in final ankle contours. Micro cannulas also cause less disturbance to the surrounding tissues, helping prevent vascular injury.

2. Embrace Compression Garments

While compression garments are an important part of recovery following any lipoplasty procedure, they play an essential role in achieving slimmer contours around the ankle. This area is subject to more venous pressure compared to other areas of the body, making the lower legs and ankles more prone to edema. Compression garments help to minimize this tendency.

3. Choose an Experienced Surgeon

While of course you should never visit a practitioner who is less than completely qualified for any cosmetic procedure, choosing an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon with expertise specifically in micro liposuction around the calf and ankle area is absolutely critical in achieving the desired results. There are simply too many subtle nuances involved in this surgery to trust to a less experienced hand or less detail-oriented eye.

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