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Breast Implants

3 Tips for Getting the Best Breast Implant Results

Breast Implant ResultsWhile the idea of what constitutes the “perfect” breast implant varies from woman to woman, there are three universal factors that can help lead to seeing the best possible outcome from your breast augmentation.

  1. Use a Keller Funnel™

    The Keller Funnel™ is a fairly recent advancement in breast augmentation surgery. This technique allows your plastic surgeon to insert a breast implant via a no-touch technique with the help of a specialized funnel.

    The implant is dropped into the funnel rather than placed directly into the breast pocket. In other words, the surgeon never handles the implant, and the implant doesn’t rub up against your skin during insertion. This greatly reduces the chances of any contamination occurring during the surgery, making for an overall safer experience and greatly minimizing risk of complications.

  2. Inframammary Incision

    The inframammary incision is one of the most popular options for incision placement during breast augmentation surgery. The incision is made in the crease just beneath the breast. This incision placement gives your plastic surgeon greater access to the breast pocket, which improves precision. Another advantage of using the inframammary incision is that the scar is typically hidden by the curve of the breast after augmentation.

  3. Pick a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

    It’s important to develop a good, trusting rapport with your plastic surgeon, as well as to be able to communicate with them openly and honestly about your goals. A board-certified plastic surgeon who has considerable experience performing breast enhancement procedures is the most important determining factor in ensuring that you see the best breast augmentation results.

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