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3 Tips for Getting a Spring Break-Ready Body

Now that Christmas is over and we’re into 2017, the next big event on your social calendar is likely to be spring break. If you’re feeling less than happy with your body after a festive party season, you’re not alone. While a healthy diet and exercise routine are essential for getting your body and mind back into shape, there are some procedures which can help add finesse to your result.

1. Plan Your Procedures

As the whole point of working towards a spring break body is having it ready to show off during spring break, remember to factor in recovery times. While recovery does vary between individuals, January is generally the best time for plastic surgery to ensure a spring break body by March. 

Not only will you have plenty of time to heal after a January procedure, you’ll be able to wear comfy, baggy clothes while your body recovers.

2. Consider Liposuction for Your Spring Break Body

Once you’ve gotten to, or close to, the ideal weight for your body, you may find that your shape still isn’t quite how you would like it to be. Liposuction is one procedure which can provide excellent results, through sculpting specific areas and revealing the slender silhouette lying beneath those stubborn pockets of fat that will not be shifted.

3. Breasts in Need of a Lift?

If your breasts are looking less than ideal, they may be putting you off getting your bikini on and enjoying spring break. Depending on your current size or shape and the results you would like to achieve, you may find that a breast augmentation or lift gives you the confidence boost you need. Start your journey to a spring break body by discussing your needs with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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