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3 Tips for Beautiful Breasts after Downsizing Implants

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If you’ve decided it’s time to downsize your implants, you may have some concerns over how your final results will look and feel. Whether you choose to replace larger breast implants with smaller ones, or even your implants removed entirely, here are a few tips that can help ensure a beautiful outcome.

1. Give It Time

Before a second procedure can be done, the healing from the first augmentation should be complete and your implants should be fully settled into their permanent position. Even if you feel unhappy with your results fairly soon after your initial augmentation, it’s best to wait at least six months before scheduling implant revision surgery or explantation (full implant removal). If you’ve had your implants for years already of course you can plan your revision at any time.

2. Include a Lift

Breast implants, particularly in larger sizes, will stretch out the skin and tissue of your breasts. Reducing the size of your implants or removing them without addressing how that loss of volume will affect your final outcome. For this reason, many women who downsize incorporate a breast lift into the surgery to bring out the best in your new look.

3. Choose a Breast Surgery Revision Specialist

Choosing the right plastic surgeon to perform opens in a new windowyour breast implant revision surgery is extremely important for you to get the best results, and this may sometimes mean choosing a different surgeon than the one who performed your first surgery. Implant revisions are complex, particularly when they include a breast lift, so look for a specialist in revision procedures.

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