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Breast Implants

3 Times to Consider Updating Your Breast Implants

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While modern breast implants are designed to be as long-lasting as possible, changes in your own body and preferences can sometimes call for breast implant revision. Here are three of the most common times when my patients choose to update their breast implants.

1. Following Weight Loss

After significant weight loss, some women find that their implant size no longer fits with their new figure. Since natural breast tissue is largely made up of fat, the breasts may shrink in size following weight loss, resulting in implants that no longer complement the breast as effectively. Adjusting implants to a smaller size for a more balanced look or a larger size to enhance your slimmer new profile can better accentuate your weight loss success.

2. After Pregnancy/Nursing

Pregnancy and nursing can significantly affect the breasts. While pregnancy hormones typically enlarge the breasts, the post-pregnancy period often results in the opposite ­– breasts that appear deflated or saggy. opens in a new windowUpdating your breast implants after pregnancy can help you regain your pre-pregnancy figure by providing better shape and proportions.

3. After Age-Related Changes

Women often want an update to their implants after some amount of aging has changed their bodies. Many of my patients decide to exchange their implants for a smaller size or more age-appropriate profile in their older age, while others prefer the extra enhancement of larger sized implants to maintain a more youthful figure for longer. As the years pass, personal appearance preferences can also change. A breast implant revision specialist can help you achieve your ideal look at any age.

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