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3 Steps To Have a Luxury Spa Experience From Home

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Everyone has dreamed about having a luxury spa vacation, or maybe you have even done it before and would like to have your own luxury spa experience every other day or every other week. Since frequent spa visits are not always possible due to scheduling conflicts and budget, there is still the “do it yourself” way to do things.  

There are three basic things to consider when planning for this  opens in a new windowluxury spa vacation: the location, products to provide the massage, exfoliation, face masks, or any other spa experience you are counting on, and towels; you gotta clean yourself and clean your space once you are done. 

Begin by defining what a luxury experience for you is. Does it include candle lights? Aromatherapy, essential oils? Hair products? Skin treatments? Or a big old glass of wine and soothing music.  


If you want to create a luxury spa experience from home, there are several things you can do. Creating a spa experience at home can allow you to relax and unwind from a long day, and it can become a regular practice that finds its way into your schedule and the ones you share your home with. Ensure your space is clean, clear, and ready to be used without distractions, making sure that there are no sounds disturbing your calming time. 

Bring everything you will need with you: Personal hygiene articles, beauty supplies, mood-setting tools like your IPad or tablet, essential oils, perfume, etc., and the cleaning supplies you will need to leave your space clean and tidy once you are done. 

There are several things that you can do to ensure that you enjoy your at-home spa experience. Here are three simple steps to have a luxury spa  opens in a new windowvacation. 

Products and Beauty Supplies 

A Spa is an experience that aims to nourish and revitalize your body and restore your mind from the everyday routine, physical strain, and give your body a treat and a well-deserved rest. 

opens in a new windowHomemade exfoliating pomades are the trend; with everyday supplies like coffee, coconut oil, and kosher salt plus your selected essential oil or perfume, you can gently exfoliate your face and body for a beautiful and very lux after spa glow. You can also add drops of vitamin E, collagen, or vitamin C to give your skin and muscles an in-depth treatment. 


It would be best to have a few different kinds: For drying, for wearing, for cleaning. Towels for drying only have to be clean and robust, more like “heavy-duty” towels. Make sure to wash and dry your  towels before bringing them in, warm out of the dryer it’s the best recommendation, and you can keep them folded over a warming towel rack or wrapped within other towels to keep the heat in and be hugged by it once you are done relaxing.  

Make sure you pair your towels up with clean, warm slippers.

1. Create a Comfortable Environment 

There are several steps you can take to create a comfortable environment for your spa time. 

  • opens in a new windowDeclutter. The first thing you will want to do is make a great bathroom environment for your spa experience. Getting rid of any unwanted clutter in your bathroom can help. You want your bathroom to be clean, neat, and orderly. This will help you to relax and be stress-free.
  • Comfort. You will want to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible. For example, if you use your bathtub as a relaxation tool, you may want to consider getting cushions or pillows to help you relax.
  • Colors. If your bathroom has bright colors, you may want to tone them down slightly to have a more relaxing spa time. Look for softer colors that help promote relaxation.
  • Warm towels. Another way to make this spa experience better is to have heated towels when you come out of the bath or shower. You can get a  opens in a new windowheated towel rack that will make your towels warm and cozy when done with your spa. This can help you to relax and be comfortable. 
  • Music. You may want to consider playing soothing music when you have a spa experience. Listening to music can help you to relax and reduce stress. There are many apps out there that play soft music or find music on YouTube that plays spa music.
  • Privacy. Ensure that you educate everyone in your home to stay out of your spa area unless invited. Nothing can make you tense up like someone walking into your spa without asking. If you do not have a lock on your door, consider getting one. When you are doing your spa experience, instruct everyone not to bother you.

2. Do Aromatherapy 

Another thing that you can do to help make your spa experience even better is to do aromatherapy. opens in a new windowAromatherapy has been shown to help reduce stress and increase happy endorphins to make you feel better. There are many essential oils out there that can help to do this. One of the most common essential oils is lavender. Lavender can help you relax as well as help your muscles relax. You can do aromatherapy in several different ways. You can have candles throughout your spa, or you can use an infuser. There are also several different body washes, soaps, and bath bombs that are made for aromatherapy.

3. Learn to do Self-Massage

Another great way to make sure that you have a luxury spa experience at home is to learn the art of self-massage. Self-massage can help you treat sore and tender muscles without going to an expensive spa or massage therapy office treatment. There are many doctors out there who recommend people do self-massage. You can learn how to treat areas like your achy feet and even your  opens in a new windowshoulders. There are several ways that you can learn how to do this.  

These include YouTube videos as well as self-help books. When you do this, you can also incorporate aromatherapy into this to get a more relaxing experience. Many people have seen that it gives them a more fabulous spa experience if they do this technique. You must learn how to properly give yourself a  opens in a new windowmassage, as if you do it the wrong way, you may injure yourself during your spa experience. 

The most important thing to remember when creating a luxury spa experience at home is that you  opens in a new windowrelax. You are doing this spa experience to help unwind from your busy day. Take your time to ensure that everything is perfect for your spa day. If you want, you can have some of your friends come over and have a spa day together. However, if you prefer to be alone, you can do your spa day all by yourself to unwind and destress. Just make sure that you take the time to do some of the above tips to have a truly relaxing experience. 

3 Steps To Have a Luxury Spa Experience From Home
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3 Steps To Have a Luxury Spa Experience From Home
There are three basics to consider when planning for this luxury spa vacation: the location, products to provide the spa experience you need, and towels.
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