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Laser Hair Removal

3 Steps to Follow for a Great Laser Hair Removal Experience

Laser Hair Removal

If you’re considering laser hair removal, you may have just one question in mind – does laser hair removal hurt? Most people describe getting laser hair removal as a mild discomfort, similar to feeling like you’ve been snapped by a rubber band, but following these three steps can help ensure a more pain-free laser hair removal experience.

  1. Shave Ahead of Time

    Shaving the area for your LHR is perfectly fine. In fact, shaving may be suggested by your treatment specialist to keep hair short and reduce discomfort. Shaving helps to preserve the follicle shaft, only taking the surface hair. However, while shaving is fine, you should never pluck or wax before your appointment, as these hair removal methods can interfere with the follicle and the root. The follicle needs to be intact for laser hair removal to work effectively.

  2. Apply Cool Air

    Applying cool air to the area immediately after or even during treatment can help minimize discomfort on the skin’s surface. Some forms of laser hair removal technology have built-in cooling capabilities for exactly this reason.

  3. Ask for Topical Anesthetic

    Before laser hair removal, your laser technician may give you a topical anesthetic to help with any discomfort as well, especially if you have sensitive skin. If this is an option that interests you, be sure to check with your practitioner before treatment.

    Although LHR may mean some level of discomfort, you should be aware that different people will have different reactions, and many feel that LHR treatment lands very close to being pain-free, especially if a few extra steps are taken ahead of time.

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