3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Rush Your Liposuction Recovery


Any type of surgery can be physically draining, and understanding the role recovery plays in healing properly and avoiding complications is important. This is especially true when it comes to liposuction. Allowing for adequate healing time is essential. Here are three reasons you should wait before rushing back to work after liposuction surgery.

  1. Healing Takes Time

    Even a minor cosmetic procedure can affect your body in profound ways. Your system needs time to heal an injury (which is essentially what surgery is) and recover strength. The more invasive and body-altering a procedure is, the more time you’ll need to heal.

  2. Results Depend on How You Heal

    Simply put, the better you heal, the better your results are going to be after liposuction. Hindering your healing with physical activity lengthens the process and can affect how well your body recovers from liposuction. Sometimes, special instructions or even healing aides like compression garments are recommended to keep you from compromising your results.

  3. Slower Healing is Faster in the Long Run

    Just like picking at a scab causes an injury to heal less quickly, aggravating your body after liposuction can affect how long it takes to recover. Rest and relaxation are the quickest ways to a complete recovery, and giving yourself the downtime necessary for effective repair is vital.

    As stressful as being off your feet and out of the office can be, allowing yourself the time and patience needed for liposuction recovery is important. It’s better to heal completely, the first time than it is to compromise your results by being too eager to get back to regular activities.

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