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3 Reasons Perfectionism and Plastic Surgery Are a Perfect Match

Plastic Surgery

With such terms as “anal-retentive” and “uptight,” we often scorn perfectionism as a something to avoid. When it comes to plastic surgery, however, there are three reasons why the obsessive need for perfection is exactly what you should look for in your surgeon.

  1. Higher Commitment to Training and Education

    Practicing plastic surgeons can have quite a wide range of training, certifications and levels of experience. In addition to board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, look for surgeons who exemplify the perfectionistic trait of having gone above and beyond in their training with extensive experience, involvement in councils or academies related to plastic surgery, and recognitions or awards that help them stand out from the crowd.

  2. Focus on All Aspects of Outcome

    While many surgeons may solely be concerned with how your results look immediately after surgery, a true perfectionist will maintain focus on aspects that can contribute to better, longer-lasting results and a superb overall patient experience.

    Surgical technique, concern with a comfortable recovery, and an awareness of the emotional side of plastic surgery are all qualities in your surgeon that can help you have an optimal experience from start to finish.

  3. Patient and Surgeon Share the Same Goal

    Every plastic surgery patient hopes for the best possible outcome. When your surgeon is even more concerned with perfecting your results than you are, you can feel at ease trusting his or her guidance. A commitment to patient-surgeon communication and consistent follow-ups after your surgery are strong indicators that your surgeon is just as committed to achieving the best cosmetic results as you are.

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