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3 Reasons More Men are Booking “Brotox” Appointments


Gone are the days where injectable cosmetic treatments were reserved solely for women. There’s a new trend in town and this one’s for the men. Increasing numbers of men are getting BOTOX®. The injectable is a game-changer for ladies and gents alike, and there are several reasons for the uptick in what some are calling “brotox” appointments.

Keeping Up with the Competition

Today’s workplace is a demanding one. People with a fresher, more youthful look maintain a competitive edge over those who appear more world-weary, and age discrimination is unfortunately a common experience for men of a certain age. BOTOX® is a post-recession reality for men in their 40s and 50s, many of whom have been laid off and need to make a good first impression on the job interview circuit.

Thumbs Up for Male Med Spas

The spa used to be a female domain where women held court, but we’re living in progressive times. Thanks to metrosexuality and a decline in social stigma surrounding male med spa procedures, more men feel welcome to pursue their best look with the help of BOTOX®. There’s no shame in men who take pride in their appearance and go the extra mile to achieve it.

Men pursue BOTOX® for many of the same reasons that women do: to look and feel their best. Many men credit the ladies in their lives for inspiring their BOTOX® treatment, having seen firsthand the benefits enjoyed by women. Everyone is entitled to a boost in self-confidence and the refreshed appearance that BOTOX® offers.

It’s no wonder that BOTOX® treatments for men have shot up 258 percent in the past ten years. It was only a matter of time until the quick procedure with no downtime was celebrated by both sexes.

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