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3 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

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It doesn’t take long for information overload to set in when you’re considering a plastic surgery procedure, and choosing a surgeon is the most important (and often the most difficult) decision of all. Asking these three questions can help narrow your search and focus your efforts so you can feel confident about taking the next step.

1. Are You Board Certified?

Board certification is a stamp of approval affixed to the credentials of a knowledgeable, experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. The process of board certification requires demonstrable mastery of the wealth of knowledge and skills required to safely and effectively practice a medical specialization. When choosing a plastic surgeon, look for board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery as the highest standard of surgical skill and expertise for any cosmetic procedure.

2. How Often Do You Perform My Specific Procedure?

Plastic surgery practices aren’t one-specialization-fits-all. Some surgeons may perform certain procedures quite frequently while others are rarely undertaken. To get the most beautiful, natural-looking results from your cosmetic surgery, ask your surgeon about the frequency with which he or she preforms your specific procedure.

3. Will You Be Available During Recovery?

Plastic surgery doesn’t end with the last suture. The recovery period is a vital part of the process of aesthetic improvement, and a truly excellent plastic surgeon will be available for any patient concerns and follow-up during the crucial days and weeks following the surgery itself. Find out your potential plastic surgeon’s approach to the recovery period, and choose one who is committed to your goals all the way from consultation to complete recovery.

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