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3 Popular Places for Planning Liposuction

Tummy Tuck

Have you ever wondered why you still struggle with problem spots when you eat all the right things and visit the gym on a regular basis? The truth is that those pesky areas are most likely subcutaneous fat, which doesn’t always respond the way we’d like to diet or exercise. If you’re anxious to rid yourself of these seemingly immobile pockets of fatty tissue, liposuction could be the solution you’ve looking for.

While liposuction can be performed nearly anywhere on the face or body, here are the three most popularly requested target sites from our patients:

Love Handles

Does anyone truly love their love handles? If you’d love to bid your farewells to those cushiony areas right above your hips, you can choose to effectively  opens in a new windowremove your love handles via AquaShape™ liposuction.

AquaShape™ liposuction is the gentlest form of liposuction available, involving significantly less physical force than traditional lipo. Additionally, this advanced form of body sculpting typically only requires local anesthetic, which helps contribute to a remarkably short recovery time, often just one or two days.

Muffin Top

Quite a few of us collect fat beneath our belly buttons in a space affectionately known as the muffin top. Yes, the nickname is cute, but the look may be less than ideal. If you have a little belly paunch that’s worn out its welcome, AquaShape™ liposuction can help flatten your stomach and sculpt a slimmer physique with minimal discomfort, swelling and risk.

Under the Chin

AquaShape™ liposuction is the least aggressive technique available for facial contouring, so you can safely reduce an irritating double chin and achieve an attractive and slender neckline with very little post-procedure bruising.

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