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3 Med Spa Treatments Perfect for Dry Winter Skin

Dry Winter Skin

Winter is a time of meeting friends and family, reading your favorite book and enjoying the holiday vibe. However, winter is also a time of scarves, gloves and chilly weather that can result in discomfort due to dead or dry skin, predominantly on the face.

It’s not uncommon to suffer from skin issues during the winter, which is why there are skin treatments available to make your complexion supple and fresh again. When it comes to winter skin care, non-invasive procedures designed to rejuvenate the skin can be an elegant and easy way to look and feel better.

  1. Chemical Peels

    Moisturizers and oils are usually not enough for those suffering from very dry skin during the winter. A chemical peel might be a good idea in these cases. Besides treating dry skin, a chemical peel can minimize acne scars, fine lines and other complexion concerns.

  2. Microdermabrasion

    Dead skin cells often accumulate on the skin’s surface and contribute to issues with dry skin. Microdermabrasion physically removes this buildup to reveal glowing skin beneath.

       By gently exfoliating upper skin layers, a microdermabrasion treatment can help anyone look younger and more refreshed.

  3. Facials

    Facials are a well-known, proven method of helping your skin look and feel revitalized any time of year. A facial cleanses the pores for deep purification along with getting rid of dry skin cells, too. With clean skin, the risk of additional skin drying is much lower, which is especially important in winter’s dry weather.

    Dry skin contributes to the effects of skin aging so staying well-moisturized is one of the most important skin care tips you can follow this winter.

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