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Breast Implants

3 Factors in Picking Your Breast Implant Profile


Breast implants aren’t just about increasing your bust size. In fact, breast augmentation is a nuanced cosmetic surgery procedure that involves a number of factors to help you achieve your ideal breast appearance.

You may know that breast implants are available in a wide range of sizes, but did you also know that there’s such a thing as a breast implant profile? A breast implant’s profile simply means how much the implant projects forward from the chest, and there are several factors that can determine which profile type is best-suited to you.

1. Your Body’s Proportions

Your natural anatomy plays a role in determining how your breast implants will look. Women with wide chests often benefit from low profile breast implants, as these implants are designed to better balance the proportions of a wide chest. For women with a narrow chest, high profile implants may be optimum. These implants have a narrow base width and can offer rounded fullness towards the top of the breasts.

2. Your Natural Breast Size

Another important determinant for selecting breast implant profile types for the best breast augmentation results is your natural breast size. You want to have enough natural tissue to provide adequate coverage for your breast implants. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can help evaluate your breasts and recommend the implant profiles that will work best with your natural shape.

3. Your Desired Look and Size

Some women want subtle results from their breast augmentation while others are interested in a more dramatic effect. Based on where you fall on this spectrum of desired look and size, a low, moderate or high profile implant can deliver you beautiful results. Moderate breast implant profiles can offer a natural look while high profile breast implants will be a bit more pronounced.

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