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Breast Implants

3 Benefits of Breast Implants over Fat Transfer

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The most common and widely known method of enlarging the breasts uses implants to increase breast volume and create a fuller figure. However, some women opt for an alternative to breast implants known as fat transfer breast augmentation. While the idea of augmenting the breasts with fat cells may sound appealing, there are a few advantages that breast implants have over fat transfer.

1. More Reliable Results

In any fat transfer procedure, it’s impossible to know exactly how much of an augmentation will be achieved because the body will reabsorb some amount of the fat cells rather than keeping them in the breast tissue. With the use of breast implants, however, your plastic surgeon can give you a predictable idea of what to expect from your final results.

2. More Dramatic Size Increase

The results that are possible with any fat transfer breast enlargement procedure are limited. Even if the body incorporates the optimal amount of fat cells into the breast tissue, most women achieve no more than a subtle size increase. Breast implants, on the other hand, can create a more dramatic difference, allowing more women to reach their ideal figures.

3. Longer Lasting Results

While fat transfer breast enlargement is meant to create long-lasting results, not every woman is able to enjoy those results long-term. If you lose weight, for instance, you may lose some or all of the fat that was transferred to your breasts. Breast implants can create a fuller figure that doesn’t go anywhere unless you choose to have the implants removed, making augmentation with implants a more reliable enhancement.

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