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Tummy Tuck

3 Benefits of a Drainless Tummy Tuck

One of the inconveniences often associated with tummy tuck recovery involves drain care. In a traditional tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon puts in a small thin tube which attaches to a drain, where post-surgical fluid collects. However, men and women interested in abdominoplasty may have the option of a drainless tummy tuck, which offers several benefits.

1. Easy, Comfortable Recovery

In a traditional tummy tuck, there’s a space between the fat layer and the muscle layer which can fill up with post-surgical fluids. The drain collects and removes these fluids until the fat and muscle re-attach. Tummy tuck drain care includes monitoring, measuring and emptying its contents several times a day, which can be a hassle, especially while you’re recovering from a tummy tuck.

With a drainless tummy tuck, your plastic surgeon uses a progressive tension technique to suture the fat and muscle layers together, eliminating the space where fluids gather.

   Without having to deal with messy drains, you can enjoy an easier, more comfortable recovery. 

2. Lower Risk of Seromas

A seroma is a buildup of fluids that can occur after an extensive surgery like a tummy tuck. Although the tubes and drains used in traditional tummy tucks are meant to prevent seromas, they’re not always successful. A seroma can form several weeks after surgery, causing swelling and other issues. Large seromas require medical treatment. A drainless tummy tuck significantly reduces the chance for seromas.

Faster Healing Time

In a drainless tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon securely attaches the tissues to one another, which jump-starts the healing process and enables people to be more active during the early phase of their tummy tuck recovery. Some people are able to return to regular activities sooner as a result of the faster recovery time associated with drainless tummy tucks.


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