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Breast Implants

3 Benefits of a Breast Implant Consultation over Online Research

Portrait of beautiful woman on white backgroundYou can learn many things about breast augmentation from online research, but a website can’t tell you what you really need to know. Important information such as how breast implants will work with your natural shape, how different sized implants may look with your figure and if breast augmentation alone will meet your expectations can only be learned in a consultation.

Only a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation can fill that vital gap that online research leaves and offer expert advice on how to achieve your best results.

1. A Personalized Recommendation

Breast augmentation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. A plastic surgeon needs to perform a physical examination to properly evaluate your unique anatomical proportions and make a custom recommendation about which breast implants may be right for you. During the exam, your plastic surgeon may consider how much natural tissue you have and measure the base of your breasts and your chest circumference to select a breast implant that best works with your figure.

2. A Trial Run with Sizers

Going to see a plastic surgeon is a bit like visiting a specialty bra shop. At both places, you can try on many options to enhance your breasts. At a plastic surgeon’s office, sizes can help you see how different breast implants may look with your figure and offer you a sense of your potential new shape.

3. A Professional Assessment

Your plastic surgeon can also use her expertise and the information she has gleaned during the physical examination to assess whether breast implants alone will help you to achieve your goals, or if breast augmentation combined with a breast lift is what may offer you optimal results. An in-person consultation with a plastic surgeon can help you determine how to obtain your dream look.

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