Breast Augmentation

3 Advantages of Split-Muscle Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

When carrying out breast augmentation, there are several methods of positioning an implant. With submuscular placement, the implant is placed below the muscle and with subglandular placement, the implant is inserted above the muscle. With split-muscle breast augmentation, the implant is positioned so it sits half-below and half-above the muscle, combining the advantages of each of the other techniques.

  1. Better Results for Athletic Women

    Women who enjoy regular exercise may find split-muscle breast augmentation to be a preferred choice for them, due to the positioning’s ability to disguise any change to movement and animation. The split-muscle technique can also provide more natural-looking breast augmentation results on women with smaller frames.  The split-muscle technique tends to result in a perkier, more teardrop-shaped breast.

  2. Reduced Risk of “Double Bubble”

    There are a number of reasons why “double bubble” may occur following breast augmentation, many of which are reduced by employing the split-muscle technique. Double bubble occurs when the implant moves out of place, creating an indentation on the underside of the breast. Due to the positioning involved in split-muscle breast augmentation, double bubble is considerably less likely to happen.

  3. Improved Projection

    Given that one major reason for opting for breast augmentation is a desire for larger, more voluminous breasts, the tendency for the split-muscle technique to provide better projection is surely a plus point. As only the top half of the implant is inserted below the muscle, the bottom half of the implant may be more rounded and appear fuller when compared to results following alternative techniques.

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