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10 Benefits of Sauna for Your Physical and Mental Health

10 Benefits of Sauna for Your Physical and Mental Health

Being physically fit is trending especially with the millennial generation that is extremely active and health-conscious. From workouts at the gym to following specialized diets, which include health supplements like whey protein and weight gainer shakes for more body mass and muscle, there are many ways to achieve optimum physical fitness.    

After a terrific work out at the gym when the body gets sweaty and the muscles sore, a visit to the sauna is rejuvenating and refreshing, something to eagerly look forward to.  

Do you know that saunas or steam baths have been around from time immemorial? One such example is Finland where saunas have been in use for more than two millennia. Saunas have been hailed since ancient times for their cleansing and healing properties and help in the complete detoxification of the body. One of the newer additions is the introduction of infrared saunas. A sauna session can detoxify the body more effectively than any other method and offers several physical and mental benefits.   

Although the human body has a built-in natural detox system, because of the increasing exposure to chemicals and heavy metals etc. from the environment, we need to adopt additional detox measures like a visit to the sauna. Let’s examine some of the mind-blowing benefits of sauna for your body.

Helps in Reduction of Stress

Among the many sauna health benefits for humans, stress reduction is one of them.  Because of our modern lifestyles, inadequate sleep, exposure to chemicals and toxins etc. lead to a build-up of stress with the boy in a sympathetic mode. Sauna bathing benefits the body by causing it to relax and enter the parasympathetic mode that helps in relieving stress, healing, relaxation etc. 

Balances the Hormones in the Body

When stress is reduced in the human body it lowers cortisol that is a stress-causing hormone. Once the cortisol balance is restored all other hormones including estrogen, insulin, thyroid, testosterone and DHEA get balanced. Going to a sauna aids the adrenal glands to release aldosterone that balances electrolytes in the body too.  

Sauna Benefits for Weight Loss

For those looking to lose those extra pounds the good news is visiting the sauna helps in weight reduction. A trip to the sauna raises the heart rate, increases metabolism and oxygenation and reduces blood pressure the same as with a cardio workout.  

In a study involving a group of participants exercising on stationary bikes, those exposed to infrared light lost 444% more weight compared to a similar group only exercising without exposure. Another benefit of using saunas with infrared is they promote the release of HGH (human growth hormone) that helps in weight loss and keeping the body fit and youthful.  

Heart Health Benefits of Sauna

As mentioned earlier saunas help to improve oxygenation, lower blood pressure etc. all critical for a healthy heart. Those with pre-existing heart ailments are less likely to get a cardiac arrest from a sauna in comparison to exercise. While saunas do increase heart rate like with exercise, they are much safer than regular workouts.  

Sauna Benefits for Skin

Opting for an infrared sauna helps to prevent premature ageing and retain a youthful look. Infrared light promotes the production of elastin as well as collagen that are crucial to keeping the skin firm and blemish-free. The light is also beneficial for the removal of cellulite and stretch-marks. 

Sauna Benefits on Face

Intense sweating helps to remove bacteria from the pores, excessive oiliness that reduces acne formation and benefits the skin texture. Those suffering from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis benefit from the use of NIR (near-infrared) saunas.   

Sauna Benefits for Hair

Having a healthy head of hair requires efficient blood flow to the hair follicles. Since a sauna leads to an increase in blood flow that carries minerals, nutrients and oxygen to the follicles it is beneficial for hair growth. However, it is recommended to rinse the hair with a deep conditioner so that the moisture is retained with the hair follicles.   

Excellent Healing Properties

Among the many amazing sauna benefits and effects on the human body is its healing properties. Research has proved that NIR saunas assist in healing wounds and tissues. One study involved the use of mice as test subjects that were blinded using chemicals. The use of NIR therapy helped to restore their eyesight. Further research has also indicated that those that use the sauna regularly lower the possibilities of catching the flu and cold by more than 30%.  

Better Blood Circulation and Enriched Oxygenation

When a person sits in a sauna, the body temperature increases which results in the dilation of the blood vessels that increase blood flow to various organs of the body and improves circulation. The improved circulation of blood assists in providing oxygen and healthy nutrients to tissues of the body and helps in healing. Research has also indicated that using NIR therapy is beneficial for the mitochondria in the body cells and beneficial in raising stamina and energy.  

Helps in Complete Detoxification of the Body

For the body to remain healthy detoxification is essential. Certain toxins tend to get released more through sweat than urine or blood. These include highly toxic chemicals like lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium that secrete better through sweat than as excretion in urine. 

With loads of sauna benefits like these, why would one not want to head to the sauna more often? From looking younger to remaining healthy and fit, your body and mind will thank you every time you decide to use the sauna!  

What is your take on using a sauna and have you benefitted by visiting them? Please share your opinions, views or suggestions about the same in the comments section below.

10 Benefits of Sauna for Your Physical and Mental Health
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10 Benefits of Sauna for Your Physical and Mental Health
Did you know about the many sauna benefits for the body and mind? Learn more about the amazing advantages of spending time in the sauna and its benefits.
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